Breaking up is HARD to do.

If you’ve followed Mark Robinson and Yolanda Hill for as long as we have, you’ve learned that there are a number of things that are hard for them:  following the rules, managing other people’s money, and managing their own money, among other things. 

Apparently, we can add “Scheduling an exit conference” to that growing list.


*It pairs rather nicely with “scheduling a meeting for a yearly performance review.”*

Our reporting on Balanced Nutrition, the Robinson / Hill family business, has generated quite a bit of interest nationwide.  (You can view an archive of our stories HERE.) Balanced Nutrition – shut down as of the end of April — was an agent for the NC Department of Health and Human Services.  It passed along reimbursement checks from the government to various day care centers that fed lunch to economically-challenged attendees.

As stuff started really hitting the fan — right at the dawn of Mark’s general election gubernatorial campaign — Yolanda decided she wanted to shut the business down.  She put two differing stories out there on the same day: (1) not enough time to run the business and help Mark campaign, and (2) DHHS is carrying out a vendetta against Yolanda.

Yolanda pushed story #2 extra hard — even going as far as naming a specific mid- to low-level DHHS employee for reportedly targeting her for being Mark Robinson’s wife.  The evidence?  The worker reportedly texted around a photo of Yolanda with Mark.  

Efforts in April by DHHS officials to conduct a performance review of Yolanda and Mark’s company turned into a lot of drama that played out in the media. Yolanda insisted upon having an attorney present at the review – an unusual move for someone involved in a routine yearly financial review.

Judging from recent correspondence we’ve obtained, the current phase of the review of Balanced Nutrition appears to be nearing an end — at least for DHHS.  All indications out there are that Yolanda wants to be away from  DHHS.  So, why prolong the drama with a bunch of hassle about scheduling an exit interview?  

If you’ve been handling millions of dollars of someone else’s money, an exit interview would be the least I would expect.