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RINO Stampede! (David Lewis & Harnett mafia dump Nee-Nee, gallop to Gebhardt)

  Renee Ellmers is not raising any money.  And that’s mostly what her RINO friends in Wake and Harnett counties care about.  It appears the David Lewis machine is gravitating rapidly toward former Lewis aide, current solar lobbyist, and failed RNC committeeman candidate Greg Gebhardt….

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John Locke Foundation to Jones Street: Spend, baby, spend.

    It seems like just yesterday that The John Locke Foundation  — the alleged conservative HQ of North Carolina – was smacking around Jones Street for spending like drunken sailors.     In case you haven’t heard,  state government is running a $900 million…

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#ncpol: Cooper, his nutty followers side with illegal alien criminals

  It is absolutely astounding that a major political party in this country is openly advocating the obstruction of a federal law enforcement agency’s work.  It’s even more astonishing that Governor Roy Cooper – our state’s most recent past chief law enforcement officer –  is…

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Quite a SWAMP-clearing opportunity in 2020 NCGOP labor commissioner primary

      The Elevator Queen, Cherie Berry (R)  — the lady whose picture you see every time you take a ride — is riding off into the sunset and calling it quits.       Two candidates are out there.  One, state Rep. Josh…

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Whittling away our rights one ‘red flag’ at a time

  We’ve had some more mass shootings.  Both in retail stores in Texas and Ohio.  The left, foaming at the mouth, wants to blame it all on Donald Trump.  That’s kind of like blaming the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) and Columbine (1999) on Bill Clinton….

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Grab your umbrellas. (Watch for falling drive-by crocodile tears.)

  During the Richard Morgan-Jim Black reign of terror in the North Carolina House (2002-2006) it was quite common for “enemies” of House leadership to be assigned to windowless, out-of-the-way, tiny offices.  Conservatives — like Frank Mitchell, John Blust, and John Rhodes — were usually…

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The omitted details on the latest entry into the NC LtGov race

Campaign materials are identifying him as  “Iraq War Veteran and current North Carolina National Guard soldier” Greg Gebhardt.  But they left out some other important details: He’s registered with the state as a lobbyist for the solar goons. He was a long-serving aide to House…

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Drive-by slimeball bias-meisters tip their hand, show us ‘how it’s done’

“False testimony in North Carolina gerrymandering trial? Judges exclude GOP expert witness claims.”   That’s the McClatchy headline.  Were Republicans caught lying under oath?  Let’s read further, shall we? :   The trial challenging North Carolina’s legislative lines as unconstitutional, partisan gerrymanders took a dramatic…

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Medicaid expansion? THIS is gonna hurt.

    Duke scholar, Dr. Christopher Conover, Ph.D., lays out a pretty damning case against Medicaid expansion in the January-February 2-17 issue of the North Carolina Medical Journal.   Yet, the liberals, the media and the rest of the political establishment will likely eviscerate HIM…

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#ncga: While we’re on the subject of berating pols for over-the-top rhetoric …

  How about THIS guy?     Yes, that’s James Dawkins, Brunswick County Democrat, blaming state Rep. Frank Iler (R-Brunswick) for being “personally responsible” for deaths he says occurred because Medicaid has not been expanded.   Really?  If you actually talk to people in the…