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A few thoughts on Paul Ryan and his budget

A lot of the players on the right side of the aisle in politics are singing the praises of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan and his proposed federal budget.   I came across this interesting piece by Ira Stoll from March of this year in The…

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Tedesco: Screaming pro-Obama teacher NEEDS to Go

          John Tedesco, Republican candidate for NC public schools superintendent, has called for a Salisbury teacher —  made famous via a viral video —  to resign her post: John Tedesco, a Republican candidate for North Carolina superintendent of public instruction, released…

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Campaign 2012: Unleash the lawyers!

  Well, as predicted — Pat McCrory’s threat to sue over a Democrat ad against him has kept said ad in the news for ANOTHER day. Now, the Democrats are filing suit against the McCrory campaign. Nice going, guys.  We WERE talking about Jay Parmley,…

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Meet John Tedesco

  The candidates for governor and president are citing education as one of this election year’s major issues. On July 17, Republican voters in North Carolina have an opportunity to make a statement about the direction the state’s public schools will take in coming years….

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LITTLE LOVE for Bev as she heads out the door

  Democrat pollster Public Policy Polling has found that Lame Duck Bev is THE MOST UNPOPULAR governor in these here United States. The organization’s latest poll found that her disapproval was at 57% while her approval was at only 31 percent. You have to give…

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Club for Growth ranks Congress on free market friendliness

  The Club for Growth, a DC-based political action committee focused on free-market economic policies, has added to the growing list of congressional rankings. Its 2011 rankings show congressman Patrick McHenry– with a #57 out of 435 and 86% rating —  as the most conservative,…

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N&O dictation aids and abets Bartlett’s spin on O’Keefe video

    Today’s story on the alleged state board probe of last week’s Project Veritas video exposé of  North Carolina elections board issues makes it clear why hard-copy newspapers are going down the toilet: RALEIGH — In an undercover “sting” video that has caused a…

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Memo to McCrory: Forget the whining and the suing. Start punching back.

Nobody likes whining — whether it’s coming from a child or a gubernatorial frontrunner.  It’s only May, and the Pat McCrory campaign is already threatening lawsuits against Democrats and the media.  The “eviscerating” has apparently begun.   (It’s going to be a LONG campaign season….

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Meet Scott Keadle

  Eighth congressional district Republican voters have to make one more choice on July 17 — deciding whether Richard Hudson or Scott Keadle will move on to challenge incumbent Democrat Larry Kissell in November. Keadle, a dentist and a former Iredell County commissioner,  is a…

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Holding has HUGE stake in Edwards verdict

  George Holding — the scion of the family which owns First Citizens Bank — has had a charmed life.  Ol’ George has always been in the right place at the right time. He got a great job with the late Senator Jesse Helms, and…