#BOHICA: Study shows Affordable Care Act NOT SO AFFORDABLE

bohicaThe Manhattan Institute (TMI) — a right leaning think tank — has put out a heckuva study illustrating the state-by-state, county-by-county impact of ObamaCare on the cost of health care.

Let’s look at men and women in North Carolina.  TMI shows ObamaCare increasing premiums for men, at age 27, by 171 percent.  Women, of the same age, see an increase of 76 percent. At age 40, men see an ACA-driven increase of 137 percent, while women see one of 75 percent.  At age 64, men see an ACA-driven increase of 190 percent and women see one of 197 percent.

The county-by-county comparison is also interesting.  In Moore County, 27 year old men see an  ACA-driven increase of 180 percent.  At age 40, they see an increase of 142 percent, and one of 204 percent by age 64. For women in Moore County, they see increases of 86 percent at 27 and 82 percent at 40.  Their premiums sky-rocket by 212 percent at 64.

Let’s look at men and women on the coast in Brunswick County.  For men, at 27, their premiums increase by 150 percent. At 40, they see another increase of 119 percent.  At 64, they see a 166 percent increase.  For women in Brunswick County, at age 27, they see an increase of 63 percent.  At 40, there is an increase of 60 percent.  At 64, costs skyrocket to 173 percent. obamacare2

Let’s head west to Mecklenburg County.  For men at age 27, they see an increase of 152 percent.  At age 40, there is another increase of 120 percent. At age 64, there is an increase of 158 percent.  For men at 27, they see an increase of 60 percent. At 40, they see an increase of 63 percent. By 64, the premiums shoot up 165 percent.

It’s a travesty to call this thing the “Affordable” Care Act.  Let’s review: (1) Kay Hagan helped write this thing, and has been cheerleading for it since its inception; (2) Renee Ellmers fought hard against trying to defund ObamaCare; (3) so did Robert Pittenger; (4) Thom Tillis tried to give us state health exchanges, and (5) Richard Burr called trying to defund ObamaCare “the dumbest idea.”

These people are supposed to be “representing” us. Yet, they carve out exceptions for themselves and their friends and call us loony and unreasonable for protesting their handiwork.

7 thoughts on “#BOHICA: Study shows Affordable Care Act NOT SO AFFORDABLE

  1. So glad the 6th district has a candidate who has pledged to vote to repeal Obamacare.

    Thank you, Phil Berger! Our health and our wallets depend on you!

  2. What does Tillis believe? I have no idea. At least I know that Hagan believes in a strong central government(communism).

    1. All you need to know is:

      The Democrats are for Obamacare.
      The Republicans are against Obamacare.

      Don’t think about it too much.

      1. It is unclear is the GOP is really against Obamacare or they just want it named something else…like Romneycare.

        1. I wonder if “Romneycare” had anything to do with the Justina Pelletier case?
          I’m not so sure that the Republicans are against it either. They want that power! Progressives!!

    2. Well, lets see. Tillis pushed a bill through the state House to create a state Obamacare exchange in North Carolina (that was fortunately killed in the Senate), and did all he could to keep NC’s options open to do the Obamacare Medicaid expansion until the Senate forced his hand on that. He also called Obamacare ”a great idea that we can’t pay for”, not comprehending that there is a whole lot that is objectionable about Obamacare even if it could be paid for. He has also said he is against Obamacare, but can his position really be trusted since he has slithered all over the landscape on it?

      Tillis faces a major challenge in convincing conservative voters he can be trusted on the issues. He is way behind the curve in getting on with that.

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