A Tea Party over at Renee’s place …



Some folks are planning to get together in Asheboro Wednesday to send a message to congresswoman Renee Ellmers.  Tea Party activists from across The 2nd congressional district AND The Tar Heel State will be rallying that morning near Ellmers’ office — trying to persuade her to join the effort to defund ObamaCare.  (Ellmers has been an outspoken critic of efforts to defund Barry Obama and Harry Reid’s pet monster.)

The Details:

Wednesday   9/11/13

9:30 am

222 Sunset Avenue
Asheboro, NC (Randolph County)

1 thought on “A Tea Party over at Renee’s place …

  1. Thanks for letting your readers know about our little gathering in Asheboro on Wednesday morning. We’re just not sure Renee got the message when she was in Pinehurst last week and lectured the audience about her views. It’s our turn.

    Let’s go, District 2 constituents – let Rep. Renee hear from us!

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