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Silent Sam vandals now seeking to topple Chapel Hill cop

Just as we’ve been warning you, the statue is only the beginning — the tip of the iceberg: A Chapel Hill police officer has been put on paid leave following questions about a tattoo on his forearm of the Roman numeral three encircled with stars….

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Snowflakes cry. Cops spy. Drivebys lie. (Film at 11.)

UNC campus police are on the lookout for trouble, and the Chapel Hill freak show is pissed:  In a new twist in the controversy about the Confederate monument at UNC-Chapel Hill, Silent Sam protesters are expressing their outrage to university leaders about what they describe…

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Race-pimpery on Parade

The leftist demagoguery on the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, NY have been a god-send for the crew whose livelihood is keeping everybody angry at whitey.  “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “I can’t breathe” have replaced the tenets of our tried-and-true criminal justice…

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Drive-bys living up to their name in Missouri

We’ve all seen this movie before.  Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman in Florida.  Rodney King in Los Angeles.  An isolated incident is amplified in the media — before any judicial proceedings gets started — to ensure that tensions are whipped up in the public and the…

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(Meet your new mailman.) The bureaucracy locks and loads.

Looking at these photos, you might think they come from the battlefront in Afghanistan.  Nope. Sorry.  Actually they were taken during a repo / collection action carried out by federal agents against American citizens in Nevada.  While Washington politicians fret over how insensitive and rash…

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Southern Pines Police seeking private alternative to Roy Cooper’s crime lab

      The typically peaceful Moore County hamlet of Southern Pines has been rocked recently with some troubling violent crimes.  In response to some bad publicity and questions from the public and local officials, police chief Bob Temme hosted a public briefing: […] Temme…

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Denny’s: Grand Slams & PR nightmares

Handling PR for South Carolina-based Denny’s restaurants has got to be one of the toughest jobs in America.   Remember, some years back, when the chain had the whole hubbub about seating and serving black patrons?  (Restaurant founder and NFL owner Jerry Richardson has his own…

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Simon Says: Pull Your Pants Up!

Pants on the ground Pants on the ground Lookin’ like a fool with yo pants on the ground With yo gold in yo mouth Hat turned sideways, pants hit the ground Call yourself a cool cat, lookin like a fool Walkin’ downtown with your pants…

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Campaign 2012: For Dems, it’s no longer about the economy, stupid (It’s ALL ABOUT race.)

“It’s the economy, stupid.” — slogan on bulletin board in 1992 Clinton campaign ‘war room’ In 2008,  Barack Hussein Obama was sold to us as a great unifier, who was going to bring the country together to work for the greater good.  Now that he’s…

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Pinehurst: A welcome-aboard briefing for the new police chief

    Our thrice-weekly Nobel Prize-contending, Pulitzer Prize-winning local newspaper ran a nice article this week on new Pinehurst police chief Earl Phipps.  Change was really needed at the PPD.  The old regime ran the department  in a manner reminiscent of Cold War era Eastern…