*You must be thinking of that OTHER Roy Cooper.*



Amidst his efforts to ruin the state’s economy,  our bumbling, undistinguished governor has promised to team up with Attorney General Josh Stein and Chief Justice Anita Earls to eliminate all of the racism that purportedly infests North Carolina law enforcement.  



There is a big problem with this announcement that the steno pool in the drive-by media and the Democrats don’t want to call our attention to.  Let’s accept Roy Cooper’s premise that racism has been festering in the ranks of our law enforcement on a long-term basis.   Roy Cooper was state attorney general — the state’s chief law enforcement officer — from 2000 to 2016.  Cooper had the authority for sixteen years to do something to correct the situation.   Why didn’t he do anything?  (Probably the same reason he didn’t test all those rape kits,  allowed all those people to be wrongly jailed, and let the crime lab become a bogged-down mess.)




Perhaps Ol’ Roy wants us to believe everything went to hell in a hand basket with the police after he became governor in 2016.  (It could happen.  Look at the unemployment office.  Dale Folwell had that fixed during the McCrory administration.  In less than four years,  Cooper has allowed it to collapse into a nightmarish mess.).



That means the blame gets laid squarely on fellow Democrat Josh Stein’s head.  If Stein conducts a serious probe and finds problems pre-2016, that’s a problem for Cooper.


Adding Anita Earls to the mix is a joke.   She’s not exactly a symbol of racial healing.   The race card is primarily responsible for getting her where she is today.



It’s a shame that slimy amoral politicians are going out of their way to make an already-tough job even harder for so many men and women who lay it all on the line every day to keep us and our property safe and secure.



5 thoughts on “*You must be thinking of that OTHER Roy Cooper.*

  1. I would hope that our elected Republican leaders speak on this topic. I hope that the campaigns dig through the tenure of both the Governor and Chief Justice and hammer it home.

  2. As I have said before, Roy Cooper is not a Mensa candidate. He is a candidate for governor on the Yellow
    Dog Social Democrat Party ticket. Without the welfare, union, and government worker votes he could not win
    Pooper Scooper. His insane lockdown rules are destroying businesses, self employed and institutions like Nascar,
    conventions and athletics. Goodbye Nascar. Goodbye RNC. Goodbye churches. Hello socialism.
    He has to be defeated.

    1. HOW? I just hear nothing from Forrest, NCGOP relative to the race. Cooper served up this race on a silver platter, with him shutdown, unemployment fiascos, continued patronizing to some biz and keeping others closed, refusing to meet/communicate with RNC and thus losing Charlotte as host, the speedway issue, lost lawsuits, DOT, DHS who has been an epic failure w/ nursing homes, testing, deception, lies and Cohen BLASTING non-medicare expansion as the causation for no testing due to costs, insurance when any person w/ a brain knows the FEDS PAID for every test. HEAR a PEEP out of anyone in NC?????? ALL these issues and I find, read, hear NOTHING……It’s almost as if NCGOP has ceded this state to Cooper, Left, Dems. I see no way Cooper loses and that angers me to unhealthy levels. He’s the worst Gov ever and has politicized everything about this state. Are there any Jesse Helms’ type fighters left in NC?

      1. Completely agree. The statues come down in Raleigh and not a peep from the GOP. Dan Forest should be hitting Roy Cooper hard on COVID-19 and the rioting but I’m not hearing anything at all.

  3. Does NCGOP, Lt Gov, Council of State care to step up and HALT the removal, destruction of statues? Will there be no group, entity or person WILLING to support the avg citz of NC? Has this not gone on long enough? It is obvious Cooper is pandering to the mobs and will not stop.

    Reported today, only positive COVID19 tests being reported and negative tests are rarely reported????????? WHAT is going on in NC? And Gov MAKES SCIENTIFIC decisions based on this type reporting???????

    WHERE are the Republicans?????????

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