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Whittling away our rights one ‘red flag’ at a time

  We’ve had some more mass shootings.  Both in retail stores in Texas and Ohio.  The left, foaming at the mouth, wants to blame it all on Donald Trump.  That’s kind of like blaming the Oklahoma City bombing (1995) and Columbine (1999) on Bill Clinton….

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Readin’, ‘Ritin, and RE-EDUCATIN’ …

It was, um, *inspiring* to see all of the woke leftists and their driveby media comrades fawning over all those little darlings walking out of class this week to protest GUN VIOLENCE.  (I mean, c’mon.  Show of hands.  WHO is FOR gun violence?)  *And I…

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Hudson A-Okay with gun-grabber alliance

Richard Hudson — portrayed so aggressively as a friend of the 2nd amendment — is surprisingly not alarmed at the combining of his concealed carry reciprocity bill with a package favored by gun-grabbers: The first procedural vote on legislation combining a popular concealed carry reciprocity…

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#ncpol: Hudson providing cover for gun-grabbers?

That’s what at least one conservative stalwart in the US House is alleging: Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) usually manages to walk the line between endearing himself to the Establishment and ostensibly holding true to the conservative rhetoric he proffers on the campaign trail. ‘Usually’ being…

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RobRielleWho: The Energizer Bunny of “Fake News”

He just keeps going and going.  Even as his paper’s circulation — and newsroom population — keeps shrinking and shrinking. Since the dawn of time, Rob Christensen has been hailed by all sides as Mr. North Carolina Politics.  Never mind that he’s the only drive-by…

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How to respond to mass murder? Disarm even MORE law-abiding people!

The politicians and the chattering class are reacting as expected in the wake of the terrible tragedy over the weekend in Las Vegas.  Never mind that the local sheriff pointed out that the episode could not have been prevented. Most law enforcement types will tell…

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Easier to get a gun than vote? : The Gospel of The Willies

That’s “Slick Willie” Clinton and “Round Willie” Barber.  Both of these snake-oil salesmen have been circulating this dubious claim about it being easier to buy a gun than it is to vote.   Lefties AND the driveby media have picked up that soundbite and run with…

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“Due Process is What’s Killing Us Right Now.”

Yes.  Those words came out of the mouth of a sitting US senator: During the June 16 airing of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, gun control Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) let his mask slip by expressing frustration that due process is preventing the pursuit of more gun…

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When things go south, blame the inanimate object. (It’s so much easier.)

Rush Limbaugh likes to joke about driveby headlines such as this: ‘SUV crashes into building, kills two.’  Really?  Was this a “Knight Rider” or ‘Herbie the Love Bug” type thing?  No one was driving?  Computers are great things.  In the hands of people with integrity…

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Pro-2A forces rallying to fight proposed Haywood County gun ban

The state’s leading Second Amendment advocacy group is preparing to knock heads tonight with Haywood County government leaders. There is a special meeting tonight at the county courthouse to discuss a proposed new ordinance banning open or concealed carry weapons in county-owned or controlled areas….