Public Official ‘A’ : fanning the flames, stirring the pot, doing The Left’s dirty work


He got elected promising to not vote for John Boehner in the speaker’s race. He did it anyway. He has publicly refused to support deportation of people already in this country illegally. He’s even admitted to being “Public Official ‘A’ ” in the indictment documents for Robin Hayes and three others. (According to the documents, Public Official A took money from one of the co-defendants under the condition that he lobby Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey to fire an employee that was apparently hassling said co-defendant.)


I’m failing to understand why Mark Walker hasn’t been (a) indicted, or (b) voted out thus far.  Here he is now on Twitter taking on two more roles that his constituents didn’t ask him to take on —   racial agitator and criminal investigator:




The Round Rev couldn’t have said it better.  Can’t you hear the Fat Man now? (*Pastor Walker says his party enables bigots.  So, it must be true.*)  Somebody is clearly trying to get some more face-time on CNN and MSNBC.


And what about THIS gem regarding the recent Wal-Mart shootings:



How about butting out of this and letting the cops do their job?  I am pretty confident that neither a Baptist preacher nor a congressman have the appropriate skill set to properly investigate a mass murder.  Whipping up race-based hysteria like this makes you no better than  The Round Rev.



Folks, just remember one thing: Every time Walker comes around preaching and praying, just remember that he gets a prominent mention in a federal criminal indictment.  That’s NEVER a good thing.