Did Moore County schools officials ignore 2017 warnings and concerns about Aberdeen school site?



Construction is underway  on a site off NC 5 between Pinehurst and Aberdeen for a new  Aberdeen elementary school.  The site is located in the vicinity of an environmental superfund site and a number of industrial sites that utilize toxic chemicals.  It came to light that the school system neglected to perform some key environmental testing before proceeding with construction of the new school.  



Of course, there was plenty of public uproar.   School administrators grudgingly authorized additional testing of the site, where construction is well-underway.  Administrators and their sycophants on the school board complained it was all a waste of money egged on by rabble-rousers in the community.


Then, the emails showed up.  It appears a consultant working with the school system raised concerns about environmental conditions at the site as far back as 2017:





This email was followed up by a rather interesting note to Birath from  Richard Brown, with Building & Earth:





[…] “This documentation does not demonstrate there are no hazards remaining.”    […]  It also does not address the risk of the hazards making their way to the school site […] 



Let that sink in for a minute.  The experts hired by the school system made that assessment, and our school “leaders” pressed on with the project with NO FURTHER TESTING.



We need some straight answers (1) from our EMPLOYEES at the Moore County schools central office and (2) from the elected officials on the county board of education who are supposed to be our eyes-and-ears on matters like this.