Erasing history. “Cleaning up” America?


The Chinese communists, when they took power,  waged a significant effort to wipe out any and every facet of Chinese culture that offended The Party.  ISIS does it in The Middle East, as do many hardline Muslim regimes.



European communists and fascists did it with glee and a lot of fanfare.  It makes it so much easier to remold society into what you want it to be when you simply eradicate anything and everything inconvenient to your agenda.  Find something “offensive”?   GET RID OF IT.



The people who are spearheading this kind of thing in OUR COUNTRY were the same folks who cut their teeth in politics as part of a so-called “Free Speech Movement.”    In North Carolina, these people rallied against a “Speaker Ban” that kept radicals who advocated the overthrow of the American government off of UNC campuses.  (Now, those once-banned people dominate the faculties at UNC campuses.)


History is for learning.  You learn from what worked, and you learn to NOT repeat what failed disastrously. Some really bad things happened in history.  So did some really good things.


Leftists promote and encourage Afro-American studies and other separatist movements on campus, and encourage the growth of a gangster rapper lifestyle.


Yet, Confederate statues are blamed as the source of racial disharmony and animosity in America.


The City of Winston-Salem, fresh off an absurd campaign to rid their landscape of Confederate memorials, is once again at the beck and call of the mob.  Now, apparently, it’s been decided that the word “Dixie” is racist and must be banished from all public events and spaces in the area — including the decades long tradition called “The Dixie Classic Fair.”


So, if Winston-Salem leaders cave into the howling mob on this one, it’s going to open up a whole new set of questions.    What  will grocery stores do about THESE?



What about THIS band?  (Will they be allowed to perform in Winston-Salem ever again?)



What about THIS actress?  (Dixie Carter.)


What about THIS long-time event in The Peoples’ Republic of California?  (Or even the Dixieland music genre itself?)



At some point, SOMEBODY is going to have to stand up and tell these totalitarian busybodies to  get a life.   Get to it, Winston.



5 thoughts on “Erasing history. “Cleaning up” America?

  1. Your first few lines explained why it WILL HAPPEN AGAIN.
    These folks are not happy with our Constitution and our country as founded.
    Since there is no resistance, it will continue — to the end.

  2. Interestingly right after they announced the name would changed and that there was a link to the city to which you could suggest a name the city backtracked. Why? The vast majority of people when asked what the fair should be called said “Dixie Classic”. The problem is is that the city government only listens to a very few loudmouths and not to the citizens. Given the opportunity the citizens do speak up and can make a difference.

  3. I am sure the town wants to make the event more attractive to ALL locals and non-locals. This sort of name change will increase the inclusivity of the event. Good for them.

  4. The fallacy in the practice of making an event “attractive to ALL…” is that it doesn’t make it attractive to all. It offends many who are not offended by history. It only satisfies a few snowflakes who wish to erase any past events that don’t measure up to the contrived diversity, inclusiveness, and political correctness of the day

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