Looking for a leader to VOTE FOR? (Here’s one.)



Craven County GOP chairman Carl Mischka is making a run at the now-vacant 3rd congressional district chairmanship.  He’s been a solid voice for the grassroots — questioning the Raleigh crowd when they need it.  If you live in the 3rd congressional district  (Walter Jones’s district), and are a registered Republican, do what you can to get to the district convention and vote FOR this guy.  Moving guys like Carl up the leadership ladder are a great way to take back the state party from Dallas, his grandpa, Ma Cotten and the rest of the clique.  

9 thoughts on “Looking for a leader to VOTE FOR? (Here’s one.)

  1. Carl Mischka is someone that understands the problems with the state party and has the solutions and skills to help fix them

  2. One important thing to remember about Carl Mischka is that he became chairman at a time when the Craven GOP was in huge turmoil from factional fights, and his leadership brought everyone together where those fights are now history and the county party is united. He is the type of leader the NCGOP needs both at district and state level. We have too many dividers and not enough uniters presently.

  3. But at the end of the day, Mischka will encourage you to vote for Burr or whatever dirt bag running as a Republican. He, like all of his ilk, will put party before the good of the country, all the while declaring them one and the same. The lessor of two evils is still evil. Until we loose the short term mentality nothing is likely to change.

    1. seriously have you had many conversations with the man?

      He always been honorable in the conversations I have had with him

      But most importantly I have no doubt he will be a honorable member of the Central Committee and the state party needs a whole committee of people that will be honorable for a change

    2. Carl is the Craven County GOP Chairman, therefore getting Republicans elected is his responsibility, his job, and what he was elected to do. He doesn’t have to like who is running but he is responsible for getting them the majority of votes from Craven County, and that is a job that he has done well! That is one reason he will do a fine job as 3rd District Chairman. He has my support!

    3. If this is true, good for him. Any party officer at any level who does not support the party’s candidates in general elections against all other candidates should resign.

  4. Carl has exhibited outstanding ability as County Chairman. He supports the Republican Party 100% and the candidates. Also highly organized, a great fundraiser and always willing to help. As a fellow County Chairman, I can surely appreciate these leadership traits.

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