House Rs loading up UNC BOG with Ds (AGAIN)

They voted to shrink the number of seats on the UNC Board of Governors. But the House Republican majority on Jones Street is still trying to make sure the Ds are well represented there:

Fourteen people have been nominated in the House for six seats on the UNC Board of Governors.

The legislature recently acted to downsize the board from 32 members to 28 in 2017, making this year’s race for board seats more competitive. The board will be reduced to 24 members in 2019.

Among the 14 nominees are four current board members: Roger Aiken, an investment broker from Alexander; Henry Hinton, a broadcast executive from Greenville; Doyle Parrish, a Raleigh businessman; and Dr. Joan Perry, a physician from Kinston.

Everybody remember Doyle Parrish?  He is a Raleigh Democrat who was very generous with his wallet for Thom Tillis while he was speaker and when he ran for US Senate. And he’s getting renominated.  BY REPUBLICANS.  MORE: 

New nominees are: Kellie Hunt Blue of Pembroke, a county government finance director and chair of the UNC Pembroke trustees; […]

Kellie Blue recently switched from Democrat to unaffiliated.  Real recently.  (She voted in the 2016 Democrat primaries.)  In 2012 she donated to Walter Dalton AND Pat McCrory in the governor’s race.  That same year, she also donated to Janet Cowell for Treasurer.  In 2016, she donated to Senate Rules Committee chairman Bill Rabon (who DOES NOT represent her), the state treasurer campaign of Dan Blue III, and — of course — Roy Cooper for governor.

Wait, here’s more:

[…] Rob Bryan, a Charlotte business executive and former Republican House member who lost his re-election bid last year; Carolyn Lloyd Coward, an attorney from Arden and Western Carolina University trustee; Leo Daughtry, a Smithfield attorney and retired longtime Republican lawmaker; Sidney Dunston of Louisburg, vice chair of the Franklin County commissioners; Kaye Bernard McGarry, a Charlotte educational consultant; Wendy Murphy of Wallace, a longtime UNC Wilmington trustee; Tony Tata, an author, retired general, former Wake County school superintendent and Department of Transportation secretary; Jimmy Tate of Ahoskie, president of Roanoke-Chowan Community College; and Terry Yeargan, a construction professional and from Willow Spring and East Carolina University trustee.

The Senate nominees are due in later this week.

Ah, the flashing of a little leg and kissing on the mouth in exchange for a few dollars continues.  We’ve once again passed on the idea of reforming the UNC system and stuck with the tried-and-true same ol’ feces.