Why even bother having elections anymore?

jonnycash1Seriously.  Some of the most momentous legislative decisions have been made over the last couple of years by unelected folks who work in black robes and bang gavels. Lifetime appointments are handed out willy-nilly to people who seem confused as to whether they serve in the legislative or judicial branch.  The same thought — or lack of — processes go into hearing cases in federal court as are used in legislative bodies.  Personal opinions trump what  *that silly 200 year old piece of paper* has to say.

We’ve all read and watched books and movies about The Hunger Games and the works of Ayn Rand andbiggovt George Orwell. A lot of the stuff in those works dismissed as fantasy sure seems to be popping up around us here in the real world.   Instead of four legs good, two legs bad, it’s juris doctorate good — everything else BAD

Folks in black robes with hellacious job security can throw out that word “unconstitutional” and work wonders.  They can alter the laws of nature.  They can smash thousands of years of religious doctrine.  They can overturn elections.  And there’s not a whole hell of a lot we can do about it.

So that comes back to my post title.  Why bother having elections when various moneyed activist groups can run to their favorite flavor of federal judge to have something innocuously declared “unconstitutional”?

To tell the truth, more than half of what is done in DC could easily be declared unconstitutional.  The Constitution justifies the Supreme Court, and little else.  The massive, rapid growth of the federal judiciary is all about Washington sinking its talons into US.  Nothing “constitutjudgeional” about it.

We’ve got a bunch of gutless wonders out there as our alleged “elected leaders” who don’t seem to mind leaving all of the big decisions to these people.  The guys and gals in the robes have the real job security.  Let THEM take the heat for saying your and your wife’s marriage is the same same same as the two guys running the florist down the street. 

Well, the black robes have decided that our state legislative districts are “unconstitutional” and that we must redraw them AND have them re-approved by black robes.  Only then may we have elections — in May and November 2017.  

If these new elections actually happen, I say we use the opportunity to toss out some of the useless, corrupt deadwood littering our state legislature.  There are way too many folks up there catering to the lobbyists and donors, ignoring the folks back home, and letting the courts do the “hard work” for them.  Live in Lincoln County?  Jason Saine of $19,000 suits fame, needs a primary.  In Cleveland County, Tim Moore AND Kelly Hastings need primaries.  In Wake County, Nelson Dollar needs a primary.  In Cumberland County, John Szoka needs a primary.  In Harnett County, David Lewis needs a primary.  In Duplin County, Jimmy Dixon needs a primary.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The worst of the worst. 70be9f65cee721c1509fe1dd2872495c

Sure, you’ll be underfunded if you file.  But so were Mark Johnson and Mike Causey.   (They’ve got big new jobs in Raleigh now.)  Voter anger can cancel out funding advantages easily.  And we’ll be here to help you make your case every step of the way.

I am tired of being jerked all over the place by crooks living off of my dime.  I am tired of being ignored here in The Land of The Free by people who are supposed to be serving ME not RULING ME.

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  1. The tyranny of the judiciary is a phenomenon not limited to the US, as shown by the recent UK court decision that ordered the Prime Minister to take a bill before Parliament before she even invoked the EU article on exit, IN SPITE of the voters just directing the Prime Minister to do exactly that (exit the EU) in a national referendum. BREXIT is now under threat from the courts. Two of the three judges who made the ruling had substantial conflicts of interest on even ruling on the issue, and they ruled for the side their bread was buttered on, making the ruling even less legitimate in the eyes of the public.

    Here is a well reasoned and balanced article on this problem in the UK:

    I like their approach, calling for ”restoring the traditional role of judges”. That is what America needs, too.

    We also need to punish judges who rule on a case in spite of their conflicts of interest as Judge Wynn did in our election law cases.

  2. This is a prime opportunity for the GA to tell the black robes, you’ve made your ruling, now enforce it.

      1. It’s a Tenth amendment issue, rather like the Marriage Amendment, and in both cases, the GA needs to make the Court, an arm of the Federal Government aware that the State will not allow an infringement of it’s Tenth Amendment prerogatives.

  3. The American B.A.R., “British Accreditation Registry” as the acronym stands for, is a franchise of The Lawyers Guild Communist Party, a British organization.

    The American BAR Association is an illegal, closed union shop, monopoly for attorneys and violates the Taft Hartley Act of 1946, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and two other Congressional Acts.

    The ABA was formed in the United States in 1878 the same year as the American Banker’s Association and the first Labor Union, the CIO. Coincidence?

    In addition, the 13th Amendment of the Consitituion for the United States says;

    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    All American BAR Association attorneys are required and have always used a title of nobility, “esquire”.

  4. This is what liberals do — patiently plot, slowly chip away and ultimately transform. And statist complicit power hungry “republicans” play possum all along the way. True NC conservatives need to snap out of our celebratory election bliss and take charge now. Get rid of “I did nothing to help Trump, I care only about MY power” Cotton and Woodhouse, start putting up strong candidates and have a coordinated wrecking ball strategy to go after the Soros/Barber crew. Time for folks (Jim Duncan, Ilario Pantano — where are you?) to step up — NOW.

  5. If the legislature does not get us two more Supreme Court justices in North Carolina, we will be stuck with a far left state Supreme Court, too.

    When the legislature was considering legislation to deal with the court ruling against their silly and liberal ”retention elections” for Supreme Court, a GOP legislator reminded Elections Committee chairman David Lewis that they needed to also change the law to put the party affiliation on the ballot on those races that would have been under the retention elections, but Lewis said there was no need, and that could be done later. The mess we have now on the state Supreme Court is thanks to David Lewis.

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