#ncgop: Ma Cotten, still runnin’ thangs

It seems like AGES since I’d last heard from ‘The Mother-in-law-from-HELL’ :mail

Subject: NCGOP Central and Executive Committee meeting

Second District Executive Committee,

I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Holiday and a time of rest from the elections. I am sure you were as weary as I was of the election process and all the Board meetings that many of us attended.

Oh, yes.  I can imagine it can be quite taxing and stressful to orchestrate (1) a smear campaign and coup against the duly elected party chairman, and (2) the undermining of the Trump campaign (i.e., convention delegate selection) at every step. MORE: 

[…] I cannot say enough about the wonderful job the counties in the Second District did during this election season. The turnout was outstanding and the results were exceptional. Thank you for a job well done.[…]

She has been in the 6th district for a whole round of elections now.  WHY are her talons still sunk into the 2nd district? (She doesn’t live there anymore.)  MORE:

Upcoming Executive Committee Meeting2nd-Joyce-Cotten

It appears that the Thanksgiving Holidays has delayed a number of you from getting the details on the upcoming Executive Committee meeting (myself included). I was able to get some details via a Central Committee call tonight.

The Executive Committee meeting will be at 2:00 pm at the Crabtree Valley Marriott on December 10. There will be a reception and a thank you dinner about 5 or 5:30pm. There will be a cost involved but I was unable to get that info. Your letter should be arriving in the next day or so with all the details. For those of you that would like to stay overnight, a block of rooms at a special rate of $109 can be obtained by calling 919-781-7000 for reservations at the Marriott. Be sure to identify yourself for the NCGOP block. Guest are invited to attend all events.

Special guest will be our state-wide candidates and an opportunity to say thank you to the winners and losers. The Governor has been invited to attend.[…]

hmmm.  *Which category, pray tell, does The Guv fall into?*  MORE:

County and District Conventions

I have already had some inquiries regarding both county and district conventions. County convention will be held in March if you have one meeting. If you have separate precinct/county conventions, precinct meetings may be held in February with the county convention in March. More details will be forthcoming on specific details.

District Conventions

This year is far more complicated than it has been in the past. District chairs will be responsible for organizing the conventions in the new districts whether they are a voting member in that district or not. For example, I will be responsible for organizing the 2nd District Convention even though I will no longer be in the 2nd District.[…]

WHY?  Why is that being allowed?  You might as well put her in charge of South Carolina’s 2nd district too, while you’re at it.  MORE: Dallas

The challenge will be to schedule the conventions so that district chairs will be able to organize a convention not in their own district and to be able to attend the convention in the new district. For example, I will organize the 2nd district convention but will also need to be able to attend the 6th district convention. There are seven district chairs in this situation so scheduling is going to be very complicated.

Again, WHY are people being allowed to participate in the dealings of a district they no longer live in?  They can’t vote there in the primary or general.  They need to MOVE ON.  Running a district meeting CAN’T be rocket science.  (I mean, look who has been doing it.) MORE: 

[…] The Central Committee will be discussing this schedule at our meeting on December 10 to make it run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, for those that have already inquired as to the date of the district conventions, we will not know for some time what the dates of those district conventions will be but it is on our schedule to work on this as get dates as soon as possible.

Look forward to seeing all of you in Raleigh on December 10. The big item on the agenda will be the NCGOP budget for the 2017 year.


Joyce Cotten

12 thoughts on “#ncgop: Ma Cotten, still runnin’ thangs

  1. Well historically this executive meeting would be the one to pass next year budget but of course with the call to the meeting that was mailed out to look like a invitation to a party the staff doing this failed to once again include a proposed agenda for the meeting or even better a proposed budget that would be voted on.

    I figure most people tossed the envelope in in the trash cause honestly is looked like JUNK MAIL or more mass mailed fundraising letters. Well that is what it really is anyway a fundraising letter with hidden call to a ex-com meeting

    3 Things
    1. calls to ex com meeting should look like a call to a ex com meeting
    2. I proposed agenda should always be included
    3. All relevant documentation should be included for agenda items to be voted so people can educated themselves before the meeting

    Lets be honest this organization is being run by clowns and they really do not want the voice of the ex-comm they just want everyone to shut up say yes and send lots and lots of money

    1. Patrick, don’t you know the drill, yet? We schedule executive committee meetings so that people are either ready to leave (like after a convention) or have another event to go to (like this party), so that you little people will not have time to raise any issues. We will also have plenty of reports to give to run out the clock on you. And if you don’t pass the budget we expect you to rubberstamp without asking pesky questions, we will claim that the party will suffer enormous harm by not having a budget at the first of the year. We do not have to share with you little people what we on the Central Committee are up to, and we do not intend to. Get over it!

      1. You know what? Shutting down 1506 Hillsborough Street because we wouldn’t approve a budget suddenly doesn’t sound like a bad deal after the events of the last eleven months.

        Let the counterfeit NCGOPs, AKA as the HB 373 party affiliated committees pay the rent.

      2. Lots of Truth in Parody replies so much truth that the parody replies seem to be the only ones telling the truth

        its amazing when you are in a room with republicans and asking for a written copy of the budget to hold in your hand and look at it before saying Yay or Nay and every one claps and then dismisses the inquiry

        when a ex chairman says to a member of the committee of the organization to go check FEC filings to find out what his salary is totally makes me wonder what party I am a member

        but the other party supports the ripping of human life out of a mothers womb and once again I know why I have a R beside my name because we have no other option

        So prepare yourself for the ex comm meeting here is the place to start http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/forms/C00038505/

      3. My long standing suggestion, to get the two committees more in sync with one another and remind the Central Committee that it serves at the pleasure of the Executive Committee, is that the Central Committee share their “Approved” meeting minutes with the Executive Committee when approved. This may help eliminate some of the mistrust and “cloak and dagger” stuff that has been hurting our party. I intend to be present at both meetings on the 10th and hope to be briefed on the important issues facing us, including the Durham recount, the federally mandated redistricting fiasco and what the party’s plans are to help the grassroots members in the counties and improve to our image in the media.

        1. Mr. Mischka is right and the plan of organization needs to be returned to previous wording that made this clear to everyone. The plan of org has been water down and weakened over the years so others could use the document for their own purposes

          and since there is no historical archive of past versions on NCGOP committee documents that everyone would have access to it makes it easier for people to manipulate these documents

          Just like the plan used to say that convention fees were voluntary and no delegate could be made to pay a fee to participate in a county district state convention although a suggested donation could be stated but money was to never keep a delegate out of the process…. This used to be clearly in the plan

  2. Can someone enlighten me so I can understand please…..who made the genius decision to allow this district organization nonsense? Why aren’t elections for new District Chairs taking place in the New Year? Being new to NC politics, I’m just trying to understand the rationale as well as who makes these rules?

    1. really I like the district-orgs it tries to keep the big counties from dominating the whole statewide organization and is meant to help give the small counties strength. That is if they functioned right This is now maybe less of a issue with the current congressional map

      This is more a problem that the central committee should not be made up of people elected at district convention and made of of people from the executive committee voted onto the central committee by the executive committee but the plan of org would need to be changed to make things happen this way. this would help to fix the organizations power structure problems

    2. In the past, when there has been Congressional redistricting, the Congressional District party organizations have been realigned in mid term. With presidential year District Conventions already scheduled, it would have been very easy to do just that this time. Unfortunately the sitting district chairmen feared to face the grassroots with the way they were operating on the Central Committee and voted not to do what has always been done in the past. Although it was a blatant conflict of interest for sitting district chairman to vote on that issue, my information is that all of them did so. For Congressional campaigns, there should have been district organizations properly aligned with the new districts during the campaign period.

      We need to clean house at the district level come April. Many Republicans are getting tired of the power plays that are so disruptive to the party and those who are responsible.

  3. Anybody heard from the son-in-law lately? Seems he has gone off the grid as of late. Wonder if he and the hacker Robol are still good buddies?

  4. Is her son-in-law up for a pardon? Quite a history there. Unlike most neophytes who are lucky enough to attend a national convention, she and her daughter insist on going to every convention, denying the opportunity for others to attend. Been to 4 now. Greedy, and it is not like they are elected people.

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