#ncgop: Ma Cotten, still runnin’ thangs

It seems like AGES since I’d last heard from ‘The Mother-in-law-from-HELL’ :mail

Subject: NCGOP Central and Executive Committee meeting

Second District Executive Committee,

I hope you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Holiday and a time of rest from the elections. I am sure you were as weary as I was of the election process and all the Board meetings that many of us attended.

Oh, yes.  I can imagine it can be quite taxing and stressful to orchestrate (1) a smear campaign and coup against the duly elected party chairman, and (2) the undermining of the Trump campaign (i.e., convention delegate selection) at every step. MORE: 

[…] I cannot say enough about the wonderful job the counties in the Second District did during this election season. The turnout was outstanding and the results were exceptional. Thank you for a job well done.[…]

She has been in the 6th district for a whole round of elections now.  WHY are her talons still sunk into the 2nd district? (She doesn’t live there anymore.)  MORE:

Upcoming Executive Committee Meeting2nd-Joyce-Cotten

It appears that the Thanksgiving Holidays has delayed a number of you from getting the details on the upcoming Executive Committee meeting (myself included). I was able to get some details via a Central Committee call tonight.

The Executive Committee meeting will be at 2:00 pm at the Crabtree Valley Marriott on December 10. There will be a reception and a thank you dinner about 5 or 5:30pm. There will be a cost involved but I was unable to get that info. Your letter should be arriving in the next day or so with all the details. For those of you that would like to stay overnight, a block of rooms at a special rate of $109 can be obtained by calling 919-781-7000 for reservations at the Marriott. Be sure to identify yourself for the NCGOP block. Guest are invited to attend all events.

Special guest will be our state-wide candidates and an opportunity to say thank you to the winners and losers. The Governor has been invited to attend.[…]

hmmm.  *Which category, pray tell, does The Guv fall into?*  MORE:

County and District Conventions

I have already had some inquiries regarding both county and district conventions. County convention will be held in March if you have one meeting. If you have separate precinct/county conventions, precinct meetings may be held in February with the county convention in March. More details will be forthcoming on specific details.

District Conventions

This year is far more complicated than it has been in the past. District chairs will be responsible for organizing the conventions in the new districts whether they are a voting member in that district or not. For example, I will be responsible for organizing the 2nd District Convention even though I will no longer be in the 2nd District.[…]

WHY?  Why is that being allowed?  You might as well put her in charge of South Carolina’s 2nd district too, while you’re at it.  MORE: Dallas

The challenge will be to schedule the conventions so that district chairs will be able to organize a convention not in their own district and to be able to attend the convention in the new district. For example, I will organize the 2nd district convention but will also need to be able to attend the 6th district convention. There are seven district chairs in this situation so scheduling is going to be very complicated.

Again, WHY are people being allowed to participate in the dealings of a district they no longer live in?  They can’t vote there in the primary or general.  They need to MOVE ON.  Running a district meeting CAN’T be rocket science.  (I mean, look who has been doing it.) MORE: 

[…] The Central Committee will be discussing this schedule at our meeting on December 10 to make it run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, for those that have already inquired as to the date of the district conventions, we will not know for some time what the dates of those district conventions will be but it is on our schedule to work on this as get dates as soon as possible.

Look forward to seeing all of you in Raleigh on December 10. The big item on the agenda will be the NCGOP budget for the 2017 year.


Joyce Cotten