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#ncga: Tim Moore, innocent victim.

  In the Speaker Joe Hackney era, you use campaign funds to buy yourself some new suits and you get bounced out of the House. Do it in the Tim Moore era, and you get promoted up the food chain in the House.  I disagreed with Joe Hackney’s agenda.  But I admired the heck out of his efforts to keep his (and our) House relatively ethically-clean.  I just wish there…

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It’s ALIVE! (Chicken plant is back to take another peck at Speaker Timmy)

We told you earlier about Speaker Tim  Moore conveniently getting an ethics complaint about a private business deal dismissed on the very last day of existence for the state board of elections and ethics enforcement.   Well, the liberal group that filed that one is back with a NEW complaint about the same deal: A Washington, D.C.,-based government watchdog group asked the state ethics board Monday to look into the…

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#ncga: Complaint against Speaker Timmy dismissed on NCSBE&EE’s last day of life

A liberal activist group had filed a complaint against State House speaker Tim Moore over some private business dealings in  Chatham County.  Apparently, the belief was that a Moore aide had meddled in a state environmental review of a property Moore and his business partners were trying to sell for BIG $$$.  Well,  Moore’s office has distributed an order of dismissal on the matter, signed by the NC state board…

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Wayne Goodwin needs to shut up. (Seriously.)

There’s nothing like listening to a lecture on ethics and good behavior from a confirmed sleaze.  But that’s what the driveby media is subjecting us to.  And state Democrat Party chairman Wayne Goodwin is more than happy to oblige them.   Goodwin is all over social media and the driveby media questioning Mark Harris’s integrity and strongly suggesting he was okay with criminal conduct in his recently completed congressional race….

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#ncga: Moore money, Moore problems.

At least THAT is the name of a new website that has popped up. No, it’s not talking about my beloved county of residence, but about the pride and joy of Kings Mountain, Speaker Timmy.  Clearly the evil masterminds behind this new site are bent on influencing the upcoming vote on NC House speaker for the new legislative session.  We are still hearing  about a certain member of House leadership…

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#ncga: Aaaaaaaaand HERE come the skeletons!

Here we are, less than a week before early voting,  and all kinds of folks’ dirty laundry is coming over the transom.  (I think I am going to have to bring on a few interns to help weed through all this.) Let’s get started with our first set of victims.  We told you some time back about Democrat attorney Mark Bibbs being accused of lobbying without a license (among other things)….

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#ncga: A lawyer problem

I  must confess.  I have little to no use for most lawyers.  It’s an occupation where one is paid big bucks to lie, obfuscate, tap dance around and stomp all over ethics and morality and those sorts of things. They have no real skills — short of running their mouths.  Yet they are over-represented in the ranks of government — telling the rest of us what is good for us, what…

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#ncga: David Lewis, ETHICS LAW chairman ???

I stumbled across this gem today: Ethics Law Chairman?  I knew Lewis was the big elections kahuna for the House.  But putting him in charge of ANYTHING akin to ETHICS??? (Yikes.) Let’s review, shall we? December 2015:  Lewis was the subject of an ethics complaint — alleging pay to play — filed by fellow Rep. George Cleveland (R).  Here we are in 2018, and we’ve heard  nothing else about said…

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Monkey Business Report: NCGA per diem edition

Hang around state politics enough and you’re bound to hear whining about how little our legislators are compensated. According to state law, rank-and-file legislators (not in leadership) get paid $13,951 per year plus $559 per month for expenses.  What you hear a lot less about are the per diem payments ($104 per day) plus mileage (0.29 cents per) on top of that. That part has us intrigued.  So, thanks to…

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#ncga: Trouble for Timmy?

Uh-oh.  Just as Republicans were ramping up their ethics attacks on Roy Cooper, along comes a shady, mysterious non-profit with allegations against a top Raleigh Republican: A government watchdog group is accusing one of North Carolina’s most powerful legislators of using his political position for financial benefit – by stopping state regulators from cracking down on pollution at a property he owned and was trying to sell. Tim Moore, a…