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NC-09: State election chaos upends Columbus County sheriff’s race

State efforts to block certification of local races in the Ninth Congressional District have bled over to a local race in the neighboring Seventh District.  Apparently, the state board of elections is asking for a de-certification of the disputed November  2018 sheriff’s race in Columbus County, where incumbent Democrat Lewis…

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NCGOP staffer seeking more ways to “work with Democrats”

Grier Martin beat her brains out (electorally) on Election Day.  She campaigned for the House while on the state GOP payroll.  (Her campaign website included boasting about how her greatest accomplishments included getting resolutions passed at Young Republican meetings.) She’s blasted Republicans for not being cozier with “progressive” political activists….

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NC-09: #ncga’s sen. Ralph Hise joins the stupidity

If IFs and BUTs were candy and nuts, OH what a party we’d have. Here’s a statement from Senator Ralph Hise (R-Mitchell), the senate’s elections guru and counterpart to Rep. David Lewis: The GOP “evidence” for calling for a (1) new primary and (2) new election in the Ninth Congressional…

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NC-09: “MEDIA reports”? (Seriously?)

In their lust to just make the whole NC-09 kerfuffle GO AWAY, Raleigh Republicans are passing legislation of questionable constitutionality and embracing the reporting of the driveby media. Never before has the lack of leadership in the NCGOP been so apparent.  You’ve got hundreds of egos running around, running their…

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NC-09: Columbus County EVEN WORSE than Bladen.

They’ve got a sheriff who may not actually live IN the county.  Now, it appears Columbus County may have more missing ballots than neighboring Bladen County, which is earning all the national media attention: As evidence mounts of potential election fraud in Bladen County, WECT has learned this may not…

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Elizabeth City paper: Bob Steinburg needs to apologize.

I know.  I know.  The guy who intersperses his vicious personal attacks on political foes with self-righteous proclamations about his ‘Christianity’ won’t do it. He’ll caterwaul and moan about his young innocent legislative aide being “injured,” but won’t say a word about his (and his inner circle’s) previous bad behavior…

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NC-09: Robeson legislator’s campaign also paid folks to play the absentee ballot game

It appears that NC Rep. Charles Graham (D-Robeson) joined D.A.-elect Matt Scott (D) and NC Senate candidate John Campbell (D) in shelling out cash to local politicians and other local folks to do pretty much the same stuff McRae Dowless is being scrutinized for next door in Bladen County. The…

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#ncpol NC-09: A new primary ??? (Why????)

We’ve already addressed our dumbfounded amazement and disappointment that the NCGOPe is rolling over and playing dead over this blatant attempt by Leftists to steal the 9th congressional district. Mark Harris WON a primary.  It got certified. Mark Harris won a general election. His opponent conceded.  The NCGOPe needs to…

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#nc-09: Even MORE DEM mischief in Robeson County

The hits just keep coming from my home county.  (My home folks don’t do much well.  But when it comes to screwing around with elections, some folks down there do world-class work.)  We told you earlier about county commissioner Jerry Stephens and his sketchy get-out-the-vote PAC.  Stephens got paid about…

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TWO MORE YEARS of Speaker Timmy

He’s at the center of concurrent state and federal probes.  But that didn’t stop his colleagues from reelecting state Rep. Tim Moore to another term as Speaker of the North Carolina House.  We had heard from a number of sitting House members that a senior GOP House member was putting…