You asked. We responded.

Yes, we’ve added a little bit of reader participation into our “Driveby weenie of the year” competition.  Kinda like those stupid ‘People’s Choice Awards’ on TV.’   But this is going to be much more fun.

So far, we have six nominees — count them, SIX — from the driveby media community who have been especially egregious in their bias, double-standards, and utter disrespect for all things conservative and / or Republican.  

You may know of others who are not on the list but may be just as deserving of the “Weenie of the Year” title. If you have other nominees you’d like to be considered, please email us with their names and some links demonstrating some of the worst of their work.  

Remember, they have to be currently covering North Carolina politics on-the-air (radio or TV) or in print for a drive by media outlet in order to qualify.

A poll is set up in the left-hand sidebar of the site.  You vote by clicking on a nominee’s name.  You will see individual vote totals and overall results once you have submitted your vote.  You can only vote ONCE.  (But you can go back and change your vote, if you wish.)   Votes are completely anonymous.  We are not tracking you or collecting your info to sell to some sleazy direct mail group. 

After the smoke clears on election day, we’ll tabulate the results and declare a winner.   The winner will, of course, be celebrated on the pages of this site.  There will also be an award presentation ceremony (streamed online, of course).

Do your civic duty.  Help a deserving driveby TODAY become the WEENIE of the year.