When WEENIES attack: The manufactured outrage over Dallas’s email

90I must admit that it’s a bit awkward to find myself defending NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse. Just about every move he makes is worthy of employment termination and heaps of editorial scorn.  

But then, I observe that imbecile brother of his.  Then I see things like what the drivebys are doing to him over this voter ID email, and I start feeling bad for my little, um, ‘special-needs’ buddy.

This saga got started earlier this week when I got word that The N&O’s Colin OMG, Is that genitalia?” Campbell was sending out FOI requests for emails Dallas sent out on a specific date regarding local boards of elections.  (You know, I spent some time in the driveby media.  I NEVER had to go the FOI route.  People always tended to get me copies of what I wanted or needed.  Same thing for my time here at The Haymaker. )

Before I could chase this lead down, the “story” hit the papers in Raleigh and Charlotte.  The headline over Campbell’s story read:   NC Republican Party seeks ‘party line changes’ to limit early voting hours.

The headline AND Campbell’s story story quotes Woodhouse as using the words “party line changes.”  But, if you read the full text of the email in question, transcribed by WRAL, that phrasing does not appear anywhere in Woodhouse’s email.  *There I go — trusting the veracity and accuracy of WRAL’s news product.* 

Scanning through Dallas’s email, it looks like NO PROBLEM.  It’s a party official urging activists throughout the state to lobby their local boards to protect the interests of the party regarding ballot integrity.  If I had to guess what the leftists are keying on, it might be THIS PART: feuding-brothers-800

[…] The team at the NCGOP encourage you to show your board members support during this time. You can show your support by attending your County Board of Elections meetings.

There will be those who try to further distort the process against your Republican Candidates. You should also call your republican election board members and remind them that as partisan republican appointees they have duty to consider republican points of view and that we support them as they ensure our elections are secure. […] 

Dallas could have worded that better.  (We’ve seen over time that he is not the most articulate fellow.)  It’s true that elections board members are partisan appointees.  It’s foolish and naive to think that they do not and will not listen to and / or act on input from their respective party leaders.  It happens on both sides of the aisle.

But the actual, primary “duty” of elections board members is to fairly and accurately interpret, carry out, and enforce the election laws put on the books by the state and federal government.  

It’s apparent that HB2 is not working like the lefties hoped, so they’ve moved on to an old reliable.  The usual suspects reacted to Campbell’s story like those dogs did to Pavlov’s bell.  The Round Rev took to MSNBC and nearly set the world record for the most utterances of a variation of the word “racism” in one news segment.  Dallas’s idiot brother slammed Dallas as “racist” on Twitter.  barberhands

What exactly did Dallas say to, um, *deserve* this?:

[…] In the Fourth Circuit’s ruling on the NC Voter ID law, the November 8th Presidential Election will be conducted on the statutes that were in place for the 2012 election. This includes no requirement of showing your photo ID to vote, changes in one-stop early voting, same day registration, out of precinct voting and other important items.

The majority of Republican County Elections Board Members were not members of a County Board of Elections during the 2012 election. In fact, a large number of directors have not conducted an election under these laws.

This opinion returns the one-stop early voting to 17 days (an increase of seven days). To comply counties only need to offer early voting at one single early voting site, the county board office for 17 days. Many counties have found a large rush if voters in the first and last few days on early voting. Keeping every site open for 17 days may be wasteful and unnecessary. According to the State Board of Elections, every county must open 1 early voting site at the county board of elections office for 17 days during regular office hours. There is no requirement to be open on the weekends except for the last Saturday (until noon). […]

We have heard a number of issues raised by voters:jon_lovitz-devil-snl-46_2

The return of “same day” registration and voting.

We register voters ahead of time for a reason, so the state/county can verify eligibility. We believe same day registration is ripe with voter fraud, or the opportunity to commit it. Same Day registration is only available during early voting. We are under no obligation to offer more opportunities for voter fraud. Same day registration does require the same type of identification required to register at other times, but no photo ID is required and no immediate proof of residency.

Many of our folks are angry and are opposed to Sunday voting for a host of reasons including respect for voter’s religious preferences, protection of our families and allowing the fine election staff a day off, rather than forcing them to work days on end without time off. Six days of voting in one week is enough. Period.
No group of people are entitled to their own early voting site, including college students, who already have more voting options than most other citizens.[…]

It sounds like Dallas is doing the drive-by media’s job FOR IT.  He’s tossing the facts out to the people.  I don’t see even a smidgen of race in his missive.  Yet, the usual suspects will scream it long enough and loud enough with the hope of forcing Dallas and the NCGOP to back off and shut up. And there are plenty of driveby weenies out there ready to regurgitate their nonsense and aid the mission. 

I’d suggest the real racists are the ones who think blacks are so incapable of showing up to vote on the right day, or following the proper procedure to register, or getting a photo ID, that they need special allowances.