Womack: Helen Keller > Robin Hayes

130219_womack_034Yeah.  The Robin Hayes unity tour is looking and sounding like a bang-up success.  Just listen to Lee County GOP vice-chairman Jim Womack: 

Supporters of former N.C. Republican Party chairman Hasan Harnett aren’t ready to back his replacement – a sign the party’s infighting could continue in a crucial election year.

Former Lee County Commissioner Jim Womack served as Harnett’s defender on Saturday in a seven-hour, closed-door hearing in which GOP leaders voted to remove the chairman. Harnett wasn’t present because he was out of the country on business. Womack said Tuesday that the process was a “kangaroo court.”

“It was patently illegal and illegitimate,” he said. “It was done through trickery.”

Womack says that’s because removing Harnett should require a two-thirds majority vote of the party’s Executive Committee, which has roughly 550 members. But blindother party leaders said removal requires a two-thirds majority of committee members present; about 200 of 300 present voted to oust Harnett.

“We followed the rules exactly,” said former U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes, who was elected the NCGOP’s new chairman shortly after Harnett’s removal.

The party’s rules allow for removal “by a 2/3’s vote of the respective committee” but the document doesn’t get more specific. Womack said a removal hearing in Haywood County several years ago interpreted the rule as two-thirds of all committee members.[…]

Womack said that Harnett’s supporters aren’t giving up the fight. “The party thinks that the grassroots activists like me and dozens of others will fade to black,” he said. “We’re not going anywhere. … The grassroots of this party are the heart and soul of the party, and without them, we’re not winning anything.”


[…]Womack, however, is already calling on Hayes to resign. He says that within minutes of being elected, the former congressman broke a gag order for Harnett’s removal hearing. The party leaders participating had agreed not to speak publicly about what took place during the meeting.

Hayes told reporters from The News & Observer and WRAL that Harnett “did not have the background, the experience220px-Robin_Hayes,_official_109th_Congress_photo and the leadership skills that come from being immersed in the process over a number of years,” adding that he was simply repeating the description that Womack used in defending Harnett.

“We were sworn not to say anything outside that room,” Womack said, adding that Hayes was “twisting my words” and is “tone deaf and blind” to the needs of the party.

“Helen Keller could lead this party better than Robin Hayes.”[…]

6 thoughts on “Womack: Helen Keller > Robin Hayes

  1. I received an email invitation yesterday to an “Open House and Listening Session” for “Grassroots Activists” with “Chairman” Hayes to be held the next day, today, May 4. I simply replied to the email: “GO TO HELL! GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!”

    I think that was appropriate and the nicest, most honest response possible….. Don’t you?

    1. I do not wish Hell on anyone but yea I can totally see why you might choose that response.

    2. That kind of comment doesn’t accomplish anything other than to make you seem like an uneducated person who can’t figure out a better way to get his point across.

      1. People are mad. Thus Trump. These are the very things that are driving people mad. So while I don’t condone it, neither will I condemn it, because that only leads to more Trump.

        People’s heads are about to explode, they are going to vent. It’s nature and you can’t stop it. In time I trust reason will win over anger, and the emotionally overwrought statements will relax back into reasoned positions.

        As annoying as it is I think patience is in order. I also think the pressure has built so much that if you try to clamp down on this you will only end up making it explode more violently. So there is that.

  2. We will see how this weekend goes. The NCGOP has lost a great deal of support until Woodhouse is gone, that is just the starter. If we go backwards in the election, quite possible, Hayes will be forever tarnished for that.

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