Wolfpack walloped by wokeness

The socialists just have to sink their authoritarian claws into everything and ruin it for the rest of us.  Socialism is creeping into every aspect of our society from business to religion to academia.  *Get with their program or prepare for a crackdown.*


For the longest time, sports was a way for everyone — regardless of race or economic standing or political affiliation — to let their hair down and have fun cheering on the home team.  Socialists — led by the low-T Obamaites at ESPN — are doing their best to ruin THAT.  We get assign-your-own-pronoun, kneeling and sitting during the playing of The National Anthem, and more than our fair share of Black Lives Matter propaganda.

It seems most of the programming at ESPN is socialist indoctrination — “talk shows” hammering home how whitey continues to oppress darker-skinned folks.  (Never mind that the sports landscape is filled with millionaires of the darker-skinned persuasion.  *If THAT is oppression, PUH-lease oppress me.*)

Our beloved Atlantic Coast Conference bombarded us with Black Lives Matter crap in the wake of the George Floyd riots. Now, we’ve got a long-time play-by-play guy for a conference school getting punished:

[…] A radio announcer for the North Carolina State football team is suspended indefinitely after using the phrase “illegal aliens” during a score update about the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl game in El Paso. The City of El Paso is currently immersed in a mass migration crisis that left migrants sleeping on city streets during freezing weather conditions over the Christmas weekend.

Learfield Communications, the broadcast rightsholder for North Carolina State suspended play-by-play announcer Gary Hahn indefinitely “following comments made during today’s Duke’s Mayo Bowl radio broadcast,” the El Paso Times reported.

During his coverage of the Duke’s Mayo Bowl, Hahn gave a score update on the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl in El Paso. He said, “Down among all the illegal aliens in El Paso, it’s UCLA 14 and Pittsburgh 6.”

“Wolfpack Sports Properties general manager Kyle Winchester, in a statement relayed by the school, said the broadcaster was suspended ‘from his agreement indefinitely following comments made during today’s Duke’s Mayo Bowl radio broadcast,’” the local newspaper report stated.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser declared a disaster for the city after a surge of migrants forced Border Patrol officials to release as many as 10,000 migrants into the city the week before Christmas.

The following week, an impending polar vortex left migrants searching for shelter as NGO shelters closed their doors after exceeding capacity. As temperatures fell into the low 20’s on Christmas Day, city leaders extended the initial seven-day disaster declaration for an additional 30 days.

Many migrants remained camped out on city streets covered from head to toe in donated clothing items, KVIA ABC7 reported. While some migrants were ineligible for shelter, others refused to go to temporary shelters city up by the city.

As a result of the crisis in the city, the Sun Bowl cancelled its annual fan fest because the city converted the convention center into a migrant shelter.[…]

“Suspended indefinitely” ???  That sounds like FIRED to me.  Is Gary Hahn seriously getting cracked down upon for not showing a “proper” level of sensitivity to people who are violating our immigration laws?

I had to do a little research to ensure I am not dreaming.  Here’s the definition of ‘alien’:

That is a fair way to describe all of those people who have walked across the border with Mexico and ended up in El Paso.

If you do something other than what the law says, you are “illegal.”  So, it sounds like Hahn had it right.

Some might argue that Hahn should not have injected “politics” into his work. Talking on the radio for hours on end is harder than it appears.  Believe me, been there — done that.   You have to be entertaining while working to ensure you don’t run afoul of the FCC.  

It is a shame that the woke loonies in the faculty lounges are now calling the shots on the athletic fields.  However, those people don’t foot the bills run up by the athletic department.  The much-more conservative alumni who enjoy watching and attending the games DO.

The NFL has already been ruined by wokeness.  The days of John Riggins, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, Walter Payton, John Madden, and Tony Dorsett are long gone.  To guys like that, it was ALL about the game.

Could outspoken guys like Bill Dooley or Jim Valvano or Bones McKinney survive in today’s NCAA or ACC?  I doubt it.