North State Journal reporter running PR for DPI’s Truitt?

THAT is what it looks like.  When Pat McCrory ran for governor in 2012, some Republicans got together to form a newspaper that would give a voice to newly-empowered Republicans and, perhaps, EVEN conservatives.  A lot of grassroots types bought into the NSJ’s pitch.

As readers of this site and other long-time observers of politics know, Republican does not always mean CONSERVATIVE.  We’ve all held our noses and voted for the likes of people such as McCrory, Thom Tillis, Richard Burr, AND Catherine Truitt.

Truitt first came to Raleigh and state politics via Gov. Pat McCrory, who appointed her his senior education advisor.  No one seriously considers McCrory a conservative.  Going back to his days as mayor of Charlotte, McCrory has warred against conservatives and mocked conservative ideals  — doing things like campaigning with liberals to raise taxes in Charlotte.

So, it’s safe to assume that anyone emerging from McCrory’s fold is not a conservative. Halfway through her term at the Department of Public Instruction, Truitt has made it clear she stands with the education establishment — elevating career hacks, spending more money, and continuing failed leftist policies. She deserves plenty of criticism from the right. 

Let’s pause here and shift to take a look at one Andrea P. (A.P.) Dillon, a reporter at The North State Journal.  I’ve known of Dillon since her days as a blogger known as “Lady Liberty.”  She’s clearly been most passionate about education policy.  Dillon will lash out at ANYONE else, even those on the right, who dares to speak about education without first obtaining her permission.

Anyone who follows her work can see that Dillon is a HUGE fan of Catherine Truitt.

Triangle-based conservative activist (and M.D.) Nancy Anderson is a frequent contributor to the renowned and respected national conservative website American Thinker.  In August of this year, Anderson wrote a piece for the AT which was critical of Truitt.  That apparently sent Dillon over the edge:

This email was fired off to the editor of The American Thinker. Dillon appears to be acting as an advocate for Ms. Truitt — as though she is the superintendent’s communications director or press secretary. 

We, on the right, spend a lot of time bashing the drive-bys for not being fair and objective.  How can we let this stand: a supposedly fair and balanced conservative paper running interference and damage-control for a favored politician?

The Daily Haymaker is all about commentary.  It says so in our masthead.  Dear sweet Andrea is calling herself a “reporter” and the publication which employs her is portraying itself as an honest-to-God “newspaper.”

How can we trust anything SHE or the NSJ writes from here forward about Catherine Truitt? (There’s clearly a desire to cheerlead for Truitt in the NSJ newsroom.)


Dillon is so worried about AT readers being “mislead.”  How about some concern for NSJ readers being misled by her reporting / cheerleading on behalf of Catherine Truitt?

We on the right side would be throwing a huge fit if an N&O reporter was caught doing blatant PR work, while on-duty and using their work e-mail account, for Josh Stein or Elaine Marshall.