What? Welfare creates culture of dependency? *We’re RANKLED.*

walkerThe Greensboro News & Record is aiding and abetting an effort by the lefty lynch mob to smear 6th congressional district Republican nominee Mark Walker.  What’s got the crowd on the port side so RANKLED?  Apparently, in 2013, Walker wrote something on Facebook about how the social welfare system creates a devastating culture of dependency on the government in certain minority communities.  Instead of looking into the issue, the N&R throws in with the usual cast of race pimps to try to paint this kindly Baptist preacher as the second coming of Simon Legree, George Wallace, and Orval Faubus:

 Forward North Carolina, a group coordinating Democratic campaigns in the state, circulated a press release in which prominent members of the African American community condemn the remarks.

“Such degrading remarks made by Mr. Walker and others who share his opinion are not only disappointing but also not what our country or North Carolina deserves,” said Alma Adams, the Democratic candidate for the 12th Congressional District.

Ah.  This comes from the woman who recently went on record about the evils the white devils are perpetrating on black folks.  *Can’t we all just get along?* MORE: 

Former Greensboro Mayor and current Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson said Walker’s comments were “not only false but insensitive and insulting.”

“Walker has no concept of our community,” said Howard Chubbs, pastor of The Providence Baptist Church.

Walker said the comments were a response to a question about the deterioration of the family unit, and what he would do as a congressman to curtail it.

Instead of talking honestly about the issue, we have to name-call.  Why not take a good hard look at race pimps like Alma Adams and Bill Barber, who are elevated and propped up by leftists to scream ‘racism’ whenever right-thinking people ask uncomfortable questions.?racecard

Joe Clark, the New Jersey principal portrayed by Morgan Freeman in ‘Lean on Me,’ has, in real life,  raised the same kind of questions and issues Walker has. Bill Cosby has raised some tough questions about so-called  black leaders and the current state of black America.

This is all part of an effort to preserve the liberal life support system — keeping large swathes of the minority population paid (with our money), angry, and on the plantation.  Questions need to be asked.  Things need to change.  Hopefully, Walker will not shut up. Hopefully, he’ll get a serious discussion going on how to reform the social welfare system so people are not perpetually trapped.