#NCSEN: Civitas FLUNKED Thom Tillis in 2010

thom sighThe details have been scrubbed from The Internet, but — thanks to resources like The Wayback Machine — nothing is ever truly GONE from cyberspace.  The NCGOP took the majority in the General Assembly in 2010.  Thom Tillis got elected speaker as the session opened in early 2011.  

But — in Civitas’s 2010 conservatism rankings of legislators — Tillis got a Big Fat F.  Really?  The guy running as the GOP nominee for US Senate, the purported leader of Raleigh’s conservative revolution, got flunked by one of the state’s leading conservative organizations?  Let’s look at some of the votes Civitas shellacked Tillis on:

  • HB 589 expanded the state health plan to include coverage for hearing aids and autism.
  • SB1114 allowed Asheville, Carrboro and Chapel Hill to forego things like competitive bidding and public notice in starting up their alternative energy operations.
  • SB1216 increased regulations on banks and other mortgage lenders to stall foreclosures and lender efforts to recover the debts owed them.
  • SB1171 tinkered with state economic incentives to allow data centers — like the one set up by Google in western NC — to receive goodies from the taxpayers.
  • SB1210 increases licensure fees in the state for athletic trainers.
  • HB1973 approved incentives for film production companies, and struck down rules that disqualified people who had run-ins with DENR from obtaining economic incentives.

Civitas gave Tillis a D in 2009, and a C+ in 2008.  Since 2011, when Tillis was elected speaker, Civitas has not been scoring or ranking him.  As speaker, he doesn’t vote enough to compute a score.