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Aaaaand the surrender train keeps rolling on

In the 1970s. a perfect storm of libertarians, Christian conservatives, and conservative Democrats came together to shift the GOP from an afterthought to  a force to be reckoned with in North Carolina. Folks with some things in common — and some NOT — came together…

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New book offers guide on standing up to the leftist hordes

If you’re a political junkie, you may remember former Virginia House of Delegates member Bob Marshall.  In 2017, his 28-year career in the state legislature was ended by  a transgender Democrat backed by $1.2 million in out-of-state money and an army of out-of-state left-wing activists….

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Seriously. WHY BOTHER continuing to vote GOP?

In Raleigh, we’ve got ethical lapses galore.  Our GOP majority is coming up with new ways to grow government’s influence — and make money off of the bureaucracy — that even Jim Black and Marc Basnight couldn’t come up with. In DC, our GOP majority…

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Conservative. Republican. TWO DIFFERENT THINGS.

In 2014, US Senate candidate Thom Tillis told us how he was going to really stick it to Obama when he got to Washington.  (Funny, looking back at that now, I guess he was talking about how he was going to pucker-up extra hard when…

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#NCSEN: Civitas FLUNKED Thom Tillis in 2010

The details have been scrubbed from The Internet, but — thanks to resources like The Wayback Machine — nothing is ever truly GONE from cyberspace.  The NCGOP took the majority in the General Assembly in 2010.  Thom Tillis got elected speaker as the session opened…