New book offers guide on standing up to the leftist hordes

If you’re a political junkie, you may remember former Virginia House of Delegates member Bob Marshall.  In 2017, his 28-year career in the state legislature was ended by  a transgender Democrat backed by $1.2 million in out-of-state money and an army of out-of-state left-wing activists.

Marshall had been in a  safe GOP seat.  His $300,000 campaign treasury was typically enough to get him into the victory circle on election night.  Not THIS time, though.

The leftist slander machine came after Marshall full-force.  In his book, he recalls seeing 20 activists from the Human Rights Campaign and SIX Planned Parenthood activists on one day in one precinct of his district campaigning for his opponent.

He was a diehard conservative who had dared to poke the leftist hordes.  They were going to swamp him with a  tidal wave and make him pay.

Marshall is a renowned social conservative who also happens to be an alum of North Carolina’s Belmont Abbey College.  In addition to his time in the Virginia legislature, he spent years as an advisor to conservative warrior and former US Rep. Bob Dornan (R-CA).  Yes, believe it or  not, California used to actually send conservatives to Washington.

As a result of all that experience, Marshall is a font of knowledge regarding Congress and the federal government, the inner workings at the state legislative level, and the fundamentals of political campaigning.  He’s written a   book, Rebuilding The Republic, offering advice to activists, state legislators, and Members of Congress — drawn from his experiences — on how grassroots conservatives can protect themselves and preserve the special qualities of their communities and country from the leftist steamroller.

Marshall identifies federal courts and their unelected judges as the biggest threat to our futures.  He points out that Congress actually has the power to rein in the federal courts and strictly control their scope of operations and agendas.  Yet, they don’t.  Marshall also pooh-poohs the idea that federal court rulings equal “the law of the land.”   In the 1856, The Supreme Court issued its notorious Dred Scott decision and upheld the Fugitive Slave Act.  In 1862, Congress passed legislation abolishing slavery that basically ignored everything the court said six years earlier.  It’s been done before.  It can be done again. 

It’s About Principles, Not Party.  If you have a Republican majority that does not take a stand on spending, taxes, or bureaucratic creep, what good is it?  Marshall argues that the two major parties in DC and at the state level, take advantage of a low-information electorate to pursue agendas that are not that dissimilar.

The Power of The Purse. Marshall cites this as one of the best methods for halting the onslaught of questionable federal court rulings, executive orders, and regulations being passed down to us as “the law of the land.”

State legislators can cut off funding for the enforcement or execution of directives handed down by unelected judges or bureaucrats.

Use the Hyde Amendment — which prohibits federal dollars from being used for the performing of abortions — as a template, Marshall argues.

The importance of the local school board. For social conservatives, Marshall says, this is ground zero in the fight.  Local schools are where the professional left conducts its experiments and implements its agenda.  And yet, these are races many of us overlook or ignore. These seats are usually very easy to campaign for — low campaign costs and smaller districts. 

Get informed.  The professional political class wants to keep you in the dark — feeding you only what they want you to know via paid ads and propaganda in the driveby media.   Marshal advises researching sites like and to keep track of what your congressman and senator are up to.  The North Carolina General Assembly website has a plethora of resources to help you stay on top of what’s happening in Raleigh.

(Of course, keep up with info we supply you with on THIS site.  Share it with friends.)  

Marshall advises communicating with, and asking questions of, your elected legislators.

A well-informed public is a politician’s worst fear.

Get involved.   People often complain about the quality of candidates they have to choose from in November.  Yet, turnout for May primaries — where those candidates get chosen — is typically abysmally low.

Marshall points out the tried and true maxim about how those who show up typically win. (The Hasan Harnett travesty is, of course, an exception.) If you think there are too many liberal candidates getting nominated locally, gather up some of your like-minded friends and join the process.