What are you waiting for? GO VOTE !!!

14721605_1234082196663769_2975522518402060011_nSeriously.  The other side is hauling barely-alive people out of convalescent homes to vote.  They’ve got judges putting dead people BACK ON TO voter lists.  They’ve got Loretta Lynch’s goons down here looking for Rotarians threatening poor black old ladies. College kids, of dubious residency and intelligence, are flooding out of the dorms to cast votes in North Carolina races.  A lot of folks who no habla ingles and still have dust on their clothes from the other side of the Rio Grande are being registered.  

Sensible, right-minded North Carolinians worried about the future of our state need to take an hour or so out of their day today and VOTE. Take any and all of your like-minded family and friends to the polls with you. (Leave your college-aged kid majoring in women’s studies AT HOME.) 

Don’t watch cable news today.  There will be a lot of Psy-Ops going on to dispirit you and make you think it is already over.  It’s FAR from over.  

The leftist machine is so concerned about losing control of the bureaucracy and so many American lives.  They’re throwing everything but the kitchen sink into this election.  We can’t let them steal this away from us.

Are you seriously going to vote against someone for president who said some bad words along the way toward building a multi-billion dollar personal empire? Are you seriously going to vote FOR a woman whose resumé is totally based on who she’s been married to?  A woman who has not created a job, who has never built a business, who HAS wrecked economies and societies, and made bad decisions that led to bloodshed for innocents? 

If you haven’t yet voted, go do it.  It’s important.  


3 thoughts on “What are you waiting for? GO VOTE !!!

  1. I can see people voting for her because she is a woman….we have elected someone only because he is a black dude for eight years so that is no surprise there. What I cannot wrap my head around is that people will vote for her in spite of the fact that she has broken so many laws.

  2. One wonders if George Soros’ waterboy, Bully Barber of the Nutty Association for the Advancement of Crooked Politics (NAACP) will steal any NC races with his crooked ploy in Durham County to try to hold the polls open extra hours in that Democrat stronghold. Word is that he is looking for a crooked political hack Democrat judge to order that.

    The Democrats used the same ploy in one of Jesse Helms elections, finding a corrupt Democrat judge to hold the polls open extra hours in Durham County. They did not get enough extra votes to beat Helms, but they did get enough to beat an incumbent GOP Supreme Court Justice that time. This is a crooked, crooked, crooked gambit.

    The Democrats used the same ploy with a corrupt Democrat judge holding the polls open by court order extra hours in heavily Democrat St. Louis to steal two GOP US Senate seats in Missouri in two different elections. What we are seeing is corrupt Democrat judges rigging our elections.

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