Helpful tool for tonight …

my-massive-tool(No, I’m not talking about a baseball bat.)   Here is the link to the state board of elections results tabulation site.  You can view statewide numbers, as well as numbers filtered by county and precinct.  This site will be your friend throughout the night.  Though, I suspect it might be kind of laggy, kind of slowish given all the expected traffic from all the interest in our state.

Another good way to get a jump on election results in your local area is to hang outside polling places after they close.  Within 30 minutes, preliminary numbers are posted on the exterior doors.  (It’s always interesting to see how those compare with what’s announced on TV and at the elections office. Checking these is also a great way to get a jump on the driveby media.) 

And, oh yeah, if you haven’t voted — GO.  GO NOW.