Some final thoughts on Campaign 2016

14721605_1234082196663769_2975522518402060011_nHang in there.  It’s almost over. 

President.  Donald Trump is crude.  I’ll give you that.   But so is Mike Ditka.  So was George Patton.  So was Vince Lombardi.  Those are three guys right there I’d gladly follow into battle. 

LBJ regularly exposed his man-parts to Oval Office visitors.  And we all know what Bill Clinton did in The Oval Office with Monica and a cigar.  Talking dirty vs. riding dirty.   Lefties seem to have NO problem with those two guys.  

The record shows that Hillary Clinton regularly mishandled classified material.  She had her illegal immigrant maid print some of it out.  She sent some to Chelsea via email.  That pervert Anthony Weiner even had some of it show up on his computer.

The email server in her bathroom?  That was done to keep government investigators from finding out what she was doing on the side while secretary of state  — selling influence in exchange for personal profit. 

160720232714-01-donald-trump-with-mike-pence-rnc-convention-july-20-2016-large-169The record on The Clinton Foundation shows it was and IS a scam to enrich Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.  “Contributions” to said foundation have regularly earned “contributors” special political favors from the Clintons and / or their cronies.  They even managed to turn earthquake relief in Haiti into a get-rich scam.

Hillary Clinton’s decisions as secretary of state have led to so much bloodshed and turmoil.  The Middle East is a bigger mess than when she and Barry took over.  Of course, there’s Benghazi — where she sat on her bloated manicured hands while  our guys were under attack by Muslim radicals. 

As First Lady, she did her best to wreck the economy with HillaryCare.  As a senator, she aided and abetted the advancement of ObamaCare.

The woman has a record of failure, bloodshed, and fraud.  (And Donald Trump says bad words.) 

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has a record of creating jobs and growing economies all over the world.  So many people go to Washington and get BOUGHT because they need the special interest money in order to stay in office.  Trump already has more money than God.  He can’t be bought.  He tells it like it is.  And those are two qualities people have been aching for in a national leader.  

It’s pretty clear that the Clintons are in this government thing to get rich.  Trump is already rich.

Trump is not perfect.  But the ideas he’s promoting are much more sensible and credible than ANYTHING that has been implemented over the last eight years or that is being pitched by his opponent. 



Governor.   We’ve got two of the least impressive candidates I’ve seen in this race in a long time.  Pat McCrory ran because he was all the NCGOP had to run this high-profile race.  He had the good fortune to draw a weak opponent in 2012.  pat-mccrory11

Roy Cooper is in the race this year because the Democrats really have no one else to throw up there.  During his four terms as attorney general, he’s done very little but show up in front of the cameras after the feds have done all the hard work.  He’s refused to represent the state — his primary job — in several high profile court cases.

McCrory has thumbed his nose at conservatives and the message of limited government.  He’s surrounded himself with guys who enjoy playing the same back-room games the other side did for decades in Raleigh.

In the end, though, we need to keep McCrory.  He’s shut his mouth and — eventually — been a good soldier when good solid conservative legislation came out of the General Assembly.  

US Senate.   Talk about two godawful choices.  A shrieking womyn’s studies professor vs. an Americanized Mr. burrBean who stands for nothing and whose sole purpose in running for reelection is to help his consultants’ cash flow. 

Richard Burr has run up the most liberal voting record among ALL of North Carolina’s Republicans in DC.  Deborah Ross was Hillary on steroids in Raleigh. We’ll see even more of that if she makes it to DC.

The biggest issue facing us in the next four years is the makeup of the US Supreme Court.  Burr — despite his past support of horrible Obama judges — can be browbeaten into backing President Trump’s pick. THAT is the only reason I can think of for voting Burr.   Ross is guaranteed to block President Trump.  If Hillary wins, it really doesn’t matter who wins this seat.  danforest

Placeholders for the black vote.   Linda Coleman and Dan Blue need to face the facts: They are on the ballot solely due to their skin pigmentation.  We keep hearing that black turndownloadout is down, and that blacks of state personnel for Bev Perdue. (That was 2011-ish.)  Dan Blue has no real qualifications for the job — state treasurer — he is seeking.  Give Dan Forest four more years as lieutenant governor.  Give Dale Folwell — arguably the most qualified treasurer candidate in a generation — your vote for treasurer.  are not excited over Hillary and Roy.  So, the Democrats are waving two
candidates-like-us in the treasurer and lt. governor races.    I have no idea what Linda Coleman does for a living.  The last job I heard about for her was head

Attorney General.  Josh Stein — John Edwards’s campaign manager and a former top aide to Roy Cooper — wants to use the power of this office to help government regulators crack down on the private sector.  Buck Newton wants to fight to get the government off of our backs.  He also wants toNC_Sen_Buck_Newton-300pxx400px fight against efforts to legislate from the bench.   Lawyers filing lawsuits are the biggest reasons it costs so much to do business and just LIVE.   Josh Stein thinks we need more of that.  

Buck Newton wants more freedom, fewer lawyers.  He’ll be the first attorney general in aeons to actually fight FOR US.   Vote BUCK NEWTON. 

Insurancecausey Commissioner. Wayne Goodwin has clearly gone the cronyism route.  His focus is on scooping up cash from high-powered inflence peddlers.  Mike Causey has talked a good game about opening up DOI and making it more transparent and customer friendly.  But he regularly files for this office, and then disappears never to be seen again.  Wayne Goodwin is a problem.  I am hoping that Causey will show up, and do what he says, if he gets a term in Raleigh.   Once again, we’re going to give the edge to Mike Causey in this race. 

Department of Public Instruction.  Mark Johnson vs. mummified June Atkinson.  Atkinson has been the Queen of education bureaucracy and a staunch advocate of Common Core.  Her answer to every question is:  Those Republicans won’t give me enough money. 

Mark Johnson is a school board member from Forsyth County.  I’ve interviewed shrughim, and found very little of substance.  He’s been backed by Common Core fan Michael Bloomberg, and is part of some organizations that think Common Core and more bureaucracy in public education are great.

In this race, it’s like choosing between chocolate and strawberry-flavored arsenic. 

Auditor.  This is incumbent Beth Wood vs. Chuck Stuber — a former FBI agent who had been the investigator at the state board of elections.  Stuber’s campaign has been poorly funded and very low-profile. No one has really presented a good argument for tossing Wood out.  Stuber may be a good guy, but he needed to do a better sales job than what he’s done thus far.





21 thoughts on “Some final thoughts on Campaign 2016

    1. . . . maybe if we were talking about the presidency of some corrupt mismanaged Third World armpit, but then again that is what Obama and Hillary seem intent on turning America into.

      But we are talking about the American presidency, and we do NOT need a corrupt Eva Peron style harpie as our president.

      1. “…a corrupt Eva Peron style harpie…” An apt description of Trump whether or not you intended it that way.

        1. Hillary is running on Bill’s name, just as Eva ran on Juan’s name. The corruption link is also the same, as well as the authoritarianism.

          Sorry, but Trump is running on his own name, and does not have the corruption baggage of Billary or the authoritarianism.

    2. Trump is easy to run down. But I get the feeling that most people that are running him down would have voted for Hillary no matter what nominee the republicans put up

      If it was Cruz Vs Clinton tomorrow the same people bashing Trump for his flaws would be bashing Cruz for being to perfect and preachy and all the while not acknowledging that Hillary has any execpt not being progressive leftist enough

      No matter the outcome tomorrow #JesusPleaseComeSoon

      1. I well remember Richard Burr’s comment that he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Ted Cruz. And he expects conservatives to vote for him??????

        1. I about fell out of my chair at the state convention when Burr said to the delegates that we need to be more conservitive. Hopefully he will heed his own words next term.

          But would Ross govern more conservitive ? Even if Burr gets it right 1 out of 10 times that is 1 time more than she would

        2. The wife and I voted her in Harnett County this morning, We were very happy to NOT bubble in Burr, Ross and Haugh. Burr is the Cloture King. Burr’s all about ending debate so he can have his vote on record. Burr never was nor is principled and definitely not a Conservative.

  1. Frequent reader; first time commenting. A supporter wants me to at least officially state for your readers that I am against Common Core and bloated bureaucracy. The “drive-bys” have also made it pretty clear what they think of me:

    “Challenger Mark Johnson, 32, is a member of the Forsyth County school board and brings an energetic conservatism to his campaign against three-term incumbent June Atkinson, 68.

    Johnson, a lawyer, opposes Common Core, favors expansion of charter schools and supports the voucher program whereby public money goes to parents who want to send their kids to private schools. … his support of expanding charter schools and vouchers are troubling..” N&O

  2. I like how when I was watching either PMSNBC or CNN and they were discussing Donald.

    They were concerned that if foreign leader XYZ called and said they would put some dollar amount into his bank account he would sell the USA down the river. They were concerned that he would be swayed by something like that.

    My head figuratively exploded because that is exactly what Hitlary has ALREADY done and we KNOW that she would do it again if if enriched her.

  3. Why do you think that the Gallup Poll shows that only 32% of American people trust the self-styled Mainstream Media? They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

  4. Whatever happens on Tuesday, let every loyal conservative Republican vow to never again allow a Bush, Romney, Kasich, or Lindsay Graham into North Carolina. These traitors may very well cost us the presidency.

  5. Amen and again I say AMEN to Taylor’s comment!
    The rats exposed themselves big time. You can add McCain to that list also.

  6. Also Senator Jeff Flake, whose last name fits him VERY well. Flake said in public that he ”might” vote for Romney RINO Evan McMullin instead of Trump.

    NC’s Richard Burr also needs to be on the list. Burr made a statement that he would vote for Hillary Clinton over Ted Cruz, and then when a group started pushing Clinton – Burr, Burr refused to disown it. Burr is a creature of K Street and cares nothing about North Carolina or its voters.

    1. Well I know I left the bubble blank for Senator. If he wins, there are more RINOs here or Ross didn’t get enough of the dead to cast their vote.

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