#ncga: You STILL need to get out and vote for Boswell in HD6

0ecd69_954ec70bd7994113b51fa392a93d0577-jpg_srz_767_476_85_22_0-50_1-20_0-00_jpg_srzContrary to popular belief, a pre-election candidate death does not automatically give the election to the surviving candidate.  Chapter 163 of the North Carolina General Statutes spells out the rules for filling vacancies.

We learned this weekend that Warren Judge, the Democrat nominee for NC House district 6, passed away. If he still manages to get more votes than Republican Beverly Boswell, local Democrats can pick a replacement for Judge that would then be appointed to fill the legislative seat in Raleigh.  So, district 6 voters could very well find themselves represented by someone they didn’t get a chance to vote on. 

In other words, Beverly Boswell is not home free.  This seat continues to be a great chance to change a liberal voting record to a conservative one.  To accomplish that, it’s important for Ms. Boswell to STILL get more votes than the late Mr. Judge. 

3 thoughts on “#ncga: You STILL need to get out and vote for Boswell in HD6

  1. It has been reported that Warren Judge’s widow, Tess, has been selected as the Democrat choice to replace him in the District 6 race. She is a charming lady, tireless volunteer (with the many awards to prove it) and well loved by half of the Outer Banks. To my knowledge she has never run for elected office. I do not know her personally. The Outer Banks Voice reports she will stay the full 2 year term if elected over Beverly Boswell. As I remember when Marc Basnight ran and won his last election he was going to stay in for the full term and did not – stayed for a couple of months as I remember – due to serious health issues. I feel badly for the tragic untimely loss of a local icon for his many loved ones and I admire Mrs. Judge for stepping up. However, this tragedy has put my highly competent friend Dare County Commissioner and NC District 6 House Candidate for 2016 Beverly Boswell in the crosshairs of criticism. She deserves better. I stand behind Beverly. She will make a fine Representative for everyone in our District.

  2. I’m getting up early tomorrow to vote for Michael Speciale. We in District 3 really need Beverly Boswell to win District 6. Eastern Carolina needs it. Our state needs it.

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