Weasels. Everywhere we look. WEASELS!


We opened the door earlier on this subject — folks in the NCGOPe selling out and throwing in with the same enviro-wackos who have been trying to kill the party’s candidates for decades.


Well, we’ve found more.   Matt Bales was the political director for the NC House Republican Caucus through the 2018 elections.  In other words, he coordinated the election / reelection strategy for House Republicans.  Well, he’s left that job to join the world of lobbying.


Some of his more interesting clients?   For one, there’s Cintra — the Spanish firm that manages Thom Tillis’s I-77 toll road.  Another?  The Environmental Defense Fund —  a far-left group lining the pockets of Republicans who support subsidizing solar and wind power.  (They’re also spending a lot of money killing good Republicans like Dan Bishop.)


Bales is also lobbying for Tesla, which is ironically caught up in a controversy about solar panels catching fire. 




Scott Laster served as director of the House Republican Caucus AND executive director of the NCGOP from 2010-2012.  He’s now managing partner of Kairos Government Affairs — arguably the most visible and active mouthpiece in Raleigh for government subsidies for solar and wind power.



Stephen Wiley, a protégè of Jason Saine, is the current director of the House Republican Caucus.  I’ve heard from a House Republican that Wiley has been issuing a threat to caucus members — vote against John Szoka’s renewable agenda, and you WILL LOSE in 2020.    Sources in Raleigh also inform us that Wiley has been behind an effort to recruit a primary opponent for conservative stalwart Larry Pittman (R-Cabarrus).


Meanwhile, these same influence-peddling monied interests that have bought off all these Republicans have announced their plan to drop a $600,000 stink bomb on Dan Bishop — possibly costing the NCGOP the Ninth District for the first time in 60 years.


7 thoughts on “Weasels. Everywhere we look. WEASELS!

  1. John Szoka, Matt Bales, Scott Laster and Jason Saine are all supporting Dan Bishop for Congress and all have donated to Dan Bishop’s campaign.

    1. But it appears their client / paymaster is dumping $600,000 into an effort to kill Dan Bishop’s congressional ambitions. And YOU of all people, should be concerned about that.

  2. Concerned citizens in Wake County can help Trump by helping elect Dan Bishop on Sept 10th.
    Contact Michael DeSantis to be a phone banker
    Email: michael1desantis@gmail.com

  3. Matt and Scott have successfully transitioned from staff to lobbying. No surprise their skills were sought after. They are talented people separate and apart from clients’ politics.

    1. Ms. Fetzer-Vick, you don’t see a problem with these two moving from allegedly promoting the GOP to actively encouraging (paying) legislators to violate the party platform, jack up utility rates, and basically screw the taxpayers?

  4. I don’t think that is true about Stephen Wiley recruiting a primary opponent for me. Whoever gave you that idea, it was probably wishful thinking. The Democrats in Republican disguise who run the Cabarrus GOP may be pushing my current primary opponent. But it would actually be contrary to the job description for Stephen to do it, and I doubt he would.

  5. The GOP has always been crippled by individuals who are in the party because it is easy and you
    do not need credentials and they are looking for money —for themselves. They are real
    easy to spot. They are always promoting themselves.

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