We beg to differ, Mr. Chairman …

ncgopWe’re just rolling back in to Haymaker HQ after a long relaxing, enjoyable Independence Day weekend.  Over the weekend, we noticed that NCGOP chairman Claude Pope commented on our post regarding the Craven County GOP’s latest attempt at censuring state House speaker Thom Tillis.   They may be a little late, but here are OUR two cents.

We commend Mr. Pope for daring to step out and join the discussion.  Unfortunately, his words did little to address our concerns that he — the admitted hand-picked choice of Gov. Pat — will be little more than a shill for the Tillis-McCrory “Me-Too” Republican clique HQ’ed in Mecklenburg County.  

The censure letter an endorsement of Tillis Senate primary opponent(s)?  Mr. Pope raised this idea in his post on our site.  Read the censure letter for yourselves.   The May 2014 senate primary does not even come up.  The letter revisits allegations against Tillis that have been reported here –and on other sites — repeatedly.
Meddling in GOP legislative primaries.  Double-talking on toll roads — and then trying to shove said toll roads down the throats of North Carolinians.  Championing a  bill that would kill the commercial fishing industry on the coast, and cost several GOP legislators from the region their seats. Intimidating and bullying legislators who dare to question his caving on important conservative principles and party platform planks.)

The censure letter appears to be about more than a beef about internal party politics.  It appears to show a concern about the alleged conservative party in North Carolina not giving much of a flip about things like — oh, say — freedom, small government, liberty, low taxes.

NCGOP HQ’s involvement in “damage control.”  Several sources on the ground in Craven County have confirmed for us that NCGOP staff worked with county chairman Paul Hill — an apparent establishment hack — to throw up roadblocks to the censure process.  Party attorneys attacked the legitimacy of the effort.  Chairman Hill and Chairman Pope appear to make a big deal of a 13-12 vote.  The margin is not the story here.  The fact that this even happened is monumental.  NO ONE can recall anything equivalent to this EVER happening in the history of the NCGOP.  EVER.  

Since the electoral tidal waves of 2010 and 2012 — significantly influenced by the Tea Party — that gave NCGOP control of state government, the establishment has basically told grassroots activists to go away, sit down, shut up and let the “grown ups” handle this governing stuff.  

The “Richard Method” of governing — that is, Richard Milhous Nixon and Richard Timothy Morgan — is in full effect in our fair capital city.  It’s our turn to hand out other people’s money, and we’re going to STOMP on anyone who gets in our way.  

The modus operandi is to come down full force on anyone within the party who dares to question statist, watering-down of conservative initiatives.  The NCGOP establishment is showing itself more willing — as demonstrated in this weekend’s news — to sit down and negotiate with Bill Barber and his Occupy / SEIU retreads than with the Tea Party activists who GAVE them control of state government in 2010 and 2012.