Craven Co. GOP – Thom Tillis spat MAY cost Craven GOP chairman HIS JOB

ncgopYou may recall our previous coverage of efforts by Craven County Republicans to censure state House Speaker Thom Tillis.   What is behind all of this?

Well, local activists have long memories — just like their party’s mascot.  They recall stuff like THIS, THIS, THIS and THIS involving the speaker and aspiring US senator.

Initially, establishment types in Craven County had turned to NCGOP HQ to help stamp out this local grassroots act of rebellion.   Craven chairman Paul Hill conversed with party attorneys and produced reasons to question the legitimacy of the letter of censure.

Well, censure proponents decided to revisit the letter this past week — just to take some ammo away from the establishment types.  The letter of censure got passed ONCE AGAIN.  The Craven Executive Committee instructed their chairman — already out as an opponent of the censure move — to send the letter of censure to NCGOP Chairman Claude Pope via certified mail.

The day after THAT meeting, my sources in Craven County tell me that Chairman Hill sent out an email saying that he had “emailed” the letter of censure to Pope — as opposed to sending it certified mail, as he was reportedly instructed by his executive committee.

According to my sources on the ground there, tempers were hot over this unexpected, unauthorized change of strategy initiated by the chairman.  Late last week, demands were issued for the chairman to produce an actual digital copy of the email and attachment sent to Claude Pope.

As of this writing, my sources tell me Chairman Hill has not complied with those demands.  Local party sources tell me plans are being drawn up for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against Hill for reportedly defying the wishes of a majority on the county party’s executive committee.

I am told that the committee will meet again at the end of July — and the earliest Hill could be removed from office would be mid-August.