A RINO and a lefty walk into a Starbuck’s …. (STOP ME if you’ve heard this one before)

RINO123Apparently, a group of GOP legislators has been meeting on the down-low  with reps of Bill Barber’s zip-tie crowd.  Never mind that Big Bill’s group is composed mostly of (1) hardcore Democrat activists, (2) veterans of international left-wing protest efforts, (3) Occupy Wall Street vets, and (4) the Pullen Memorial Baptist Church sanctuary choir. Not a whole lot of potential GOP votes there.  In fact, there are not a whole lot of people right of Fidel Castro in that bunch. 

It was interesting to see the list of GOP legislators involved.  Other than Dan Blue — down to a person, they are all well-known close allies of Senator Speaker (Spenator?) Thom Tillis.

Not surprisingly, the talks broke down.  This is about like a pit bull negotiating with a pack of kittens.  A shark negotiating with a surfer.  Not a lot of hope for success.  Doomed from the start.

Dana Cope, an outspoken lefty and head of the state employees association, doesn’t give these Moral Monday people an ounce of credibility.  Why on Earth are ANY GOPers on Jones Street bending over backwards to do so?  Most average people on the street — who are even aware of the mass trespassings — view the whole thing as a big joke.

It’s interesting that these folks will sit down with Bill Barber’s crew, but NOT with folks in Mecklenburg County upset about toll road legislation.  It’s interesting that Moral Monday folks get a sit-down, but Bob Brawley gets told to hand in his gavel and get out.

Welcome to the conservative revolution.