Wayne King headed to Congress?

ncgopSources within the staff of Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC-11) are confirming that NCGOP vice-chairman Wayne King has been hired onto the congressman’s staff as a “senior adviser.”   Word is also circulating among state GOP politicos that King will not seek re-election to the state party’s vice-chairman post.

These reports throw a monkey-wrench into earlier indications that King would challenge incumbent state party chairman Robin Hayes’s bid for reelection this summer.  King has been a controversial figure in state Republican politics.  He’s been the subject of numerous accusations by grassroots activists of violating party rules and meddling in GOP primaries.

With an open vice-chairman position, and incumbent chairman Robin Hayes not yet publicly committed to running for re-election, we could be in for a rather interesting state GOP convention this summer.

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  1. We do not need either Hayes or King. They both represent what is broken in the party. We need new grassroots oriented leadership.

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