Washington Post: #NCSEN among Top 10 seats most likely to change party in 2016

burrGranted, it is Pravda-on-The-Potomac talking here.  But here’s what they say: 

[…] 10: North Carolina (Republican held): Colorado comes off our list and on comes North Carolina, where Democratic candidate Deborah Ross narrowly outraised two-term Sen. Richard Burr (R), though he still has doubled Ross in overall fundraising. But Ross’s strong showing means she is setting herself up to be in a position to benefit from Hillary Clinton’s coattails and a competitive governor’s race IF there’s a wave election for Democrats. (Previous ranking: None.) […] 

We’ve already heard from Real Clear Politics, which is calling the race a “toss-up.”  (It would be the irony of all ironies if Thom Tillis ends up having to serve out his term in Washington with the woman — Ross — who gave him such heartburn during his time as speaker of the state House.) 


22 thoughts on “Washington Post: #NCSEN among Top 10 seats most likely to change party in 2016

  1. This is beltway nonsense. Burr will lead the statewide ticket with Trump right behind him. The only question is whether or not McCrory and Forester can hold on, although I think they will. Burr by 6-8, Trump by 2-4 and the others are question marks.

    In my opinion.

    1. I don’t think it’s nonsense. I’m in NC02 and happy Ellmers is gone; the sad part is we got Holding. I’m not voting for Burr nor Ross; that bubble will be left blank. Burr has eff’d Conservatives over way to many times and he needs to go. Too bad it wasn’t in the primary. Ross will win with over 100%. Yes the dead and others will cast votes for her. Burr will not get 100% of the Conservatives in North Carolina; I’m one of them and my wife is another. I’m sure there are many out there that will bypass this block. The Demo(n)crats are pretty much running the Senate with Republican control so why should I cast a vote for a RINO?

      1. Burr lost us when he voted to throw out “Don’t ask…Don’t Tell.” He favors the federal police state, and most recently said he would support Sanders over Cruz.
        Has a 41% Conservative Review rating. In short…he is a lib, and we do not vote for lib’s.

        1. 41% Conservative rating. I bet that is better than Trump would score IF you could ever nail him down on an issue.

          1. This is true. On the issues where Trump has stated a position several have not been Conservative. But he would still be to the right of Hitlary, and less corrupt so there is that.

          2. Well, his list of corruption is already much much shorter. As far as I know he has not accepted bribes from foreign countries, somehow miraculously turned $1,000 into $100,000 by perfectly timing the cattle futures market…the first time she delved into that arena, he does not have a Crime Family Foundation to funnel bribe money through…or for that matter to count as most of his charitable deductions on his taxes. I need not go on as this comment will get too long….but her list is thousands of pages long now without having the power of the actual office yet.

  2. I would be very surprised if Burr gets beat by Chatty Cathy. My sources outside Raleigh have no idea who she is.

  3. N C does not have, I am told, straight party voting this go round. This could be a good thing. But for whom?????????????

    Browny Douglas

    1. It’s one of the few things the Feds didn’t strike down. But yes, some voters are known not to plod their way down the ballot race-by-race, after voting for the top of the ticket so any tight race could swing in unexpected directions.

    2. We have not had ability to pull one lever for quite some time. It cost the D to many loses. But you can cast vote for president, then straight ticket for state, then individual judge and local issue. Believe people will do it right this time, the anger is there!,

  4. Enough! This election is not about D vs R, or liberal vs conservative, but the new alignment Globalist vs the Individual (Atlas Shrug). Rush last week on Tuesday and Wednesday talk a about Robert Costa interview with Charley Rose. Costa is trying to research the Movement. He believes there is a large group of mad, left behind group of people who over the years drop out of politics the are mad and once again becoming engage. The size is unknown but the include the ones who stay at home in 2012. 62 per cent voted in 2008 47 percent in 2012. The Donald has not played to them but he has by default become their voice. Costa believes if they will vote and the poles do not reflect their impact. Lafer perdect The Donald will take 40 plus states bigger then Regan. For you none believers read Art of the Deal chapter 12. Join the movement and hold your noise tell Telis to sit on Byrd.

  5. Bill O’ Reilly has said that the two biggest political event of his life are killing of JFK and The Donald, he has since mod it to be JFK and this election. 100 years from now history will state that HRC is the most famous person of this period, the woman who destroyed Europe by insisting that the lRoberteader of Libya (the Col) must go, thus the start of the great migration.

  6. As long as we reward these idiots like Burr by reelecting them, their behavior is unlikely to change. When will we realize that actions have consequences? But as long as we put party over principles, we will be the losers.

    1. Nancy:

      You are correct, elections have consequences. That is why you take each election as it comes and do not try to vote only for those you totally agree with. We are selecting people to run our government, not selecting a Pope or pastor.

      Each election presents us a number of possible outcomes. This year, our choice is between Burr and Ross. Both will make decisions that impact our lives and that of our children. Put Ross in and if we lose the senate by 1 seat, conservatives will have NO voice in the confirmation of SCOTUS justices. And who sits on that bench will do more to hurt or assist everything the conservative/prolife/profamily agenda wants to accomplish over the next 50 years.

      anyone who tells you differently has an agenda that is NOT in our country’s or our own families’ interest.

      1. Do we have any voice now with that spineless Obama-enabling twit Mitch McConnell running the Senate? If our ”leadership” was something other than surrender monkeys – scared little girls with their panties in a twist – you would have a point. But they aren’t. Ted Cruz was right when he called McConnell ”the best Senate leader the Democrats have ever had”.

        McConnell would rather fight conservatives in his own party than fight Democrats. What use is a ”majority” when jerkwads like that are leading it?

    2. Guys like Burr and Tillis are worthless, and they (like most of the GOPe crowd) “are” that way precisely because they’re unaccountable for their actions… they’re always able to pull out the “hey, at least we’re not Democrats” card, and like Charlie Brown and the football, voters go with it.

      They dont care if someone’s spitting mad and grumbling when they cast their vote… it still goes in their column just the same. They think they own those votes, and for some, they’re absolutely correct.

  7. My dislike for Cooper is enough to get me to hold my nose and vote for McCrory one more time. I have no problem voting (L) or nobody on the Burr and Trump lines though.

  8. I will have to hold my nose and vote for Burr after reading about Ross.
    McCrory is a much better choice than Cooper. I am absolutely tired of attorneys being elected for POTUS,Governors and Senators as our original Constitution forbade them from being elected. Why do you think every law passed has so much legalese in the wording to the point that the average person needs a law dictionary to determine how they have screwed us? Go figure.

  9. McConnell is not on the ballot this year, Senator Burr is.

    If who is the head of the Senate is what you base your general election vote on, your choice is McConnell or Shumer, NOT Cruz/Lee or Shumer.

    It really is that simple.

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