Washington Post: #NCSEN among Top 10 seats most likely to change party in 2016

burrGranted, it is Pravda-on-The-Potomac talking here.  But here’s what they say: 

[…] 10: North Carolina (Republican held): Colorado comes off our list and on comes North Carolina, where Democratic candidate Deborah Ross narrowly outraised two-term Sen. Richard Burr (R), though he still has doubled Ross in overall fundraising. But Ross’s strong showing means she is setting herself up to be in a position to benefit from Hillary Clinton’s coattails and a competitive governor’s race IF there’s a wave election for Democrats. (Previous ranking: None.) […] 

We’ve already heard from Real Clear Politics, which is calling the race a “toss-up.”  (It would be the irony of all ironies if Thom Tillis ends up having to serve out his term in Washington with the woman — Ross — who gave him such heartburn during his time as speaker of the state House.)