Valedictorians are back. (So are the leftist tears …)

The lefties are having a hard time being out of power in the Moore County school system.  So many of their sacred cows are being slaughtered.  And the new conservative majority is just getting started.

Back in  2018, when things at the Carthage central office were much friendlier to the lefties, a plan was instituted to wipe out the recognition of valedictorians and salutatorians by 2021. 

Last year, when conservatives were only three of the board’s seven members, David Hensley and Phillip Holmes tried to reverse the policy on recognizing academic excellence.  The leftist majority would not budge.

In this new era, the idea is getting a much more receptive hearing.  Hensley put together a very succinct, very effective presentation on the merits of bringing back salutatorians and valedictorians.  His reasoning was simple.  Hard work and excellence by young people should be recognized.  Success and other positive achievements should be held up as an example.

Social justice warriors, who used to run our local schools (and still run most across the country), view competition and excelling above and beyond peers as harmful to self-esteem. *No one should be viewed as better than others.  Pull everyone down to the same mediocre or poor level if you have to.* 

*Better yet — make EVERYONE  a winner.*

Comrade Marx would have been so proud of our modern-day SJW ‘snowflakes.’

The revival of valedictorians and salutatorians was overwhelmingly approved by the school board.  (The lone ‘NO’ vote was from the board’s lone leftist holdover pouter Stacey Caldwell.)

THIS plus a parental bill of rights?  WHO KNEW the school board could be so much fun?