Unemployment Rate UP in 95 of NC’s 100 counties

The North Carolina Department of Commerce has released figures showing unemployment rose during January in 95 of the state’s 100 counties.  (The rate decreased in three counties and held steady in two.)

Wait. I thought Barry and Bev and their comrades at The N&O told us we were in the midst of an economic recovery.   (So — THIS is GOOD NEWS ????)

I can see the folks at NCGOP HQ and McCrory Central licking their chops as they prep their media releases. This is not a Democrat problem.  This is not a Republican problem.  It is a DISGRACE.  Our state and our country are being run into the ground by mealy-mouthed politicos who try to buy our votes, and win job security, WITH OUR OWN MONEY.  The finger of blame needs to be pointed at the bipartisan Ruling Class in Raleigh and DC — who think they know what’s best for us, and believe they need to run our lives.

Oh, it is an election year.  You’ll hear folks from both parties telling you that you need to put their guys IN and put the other guys OUT.  Don’t let them get away with it. Make them earn your vote.  Make them TELL you how they will change SOP in Raleigh and DC to correct this mess.  Radical change is needed.  Don’t vote for that guy or gal who came to your Kiwanis meeting or helped you get that government check.  Vote for the guy or gal who is SERIOUS about shaking things up and ending business-as-usual in both cities.

(If they get elected, and fall in love with Thom Tillis or John Boehner, vote them out.  I don’t care if their opponent is Ernie The Janitor.  If they get elected, and think running for Whip is more important than cutting taxes and red tape, VOTE THEM OUT. )

Our state and nation are in a precarious state.   Stop selling our state and country down the river for the sake of a politician’s empty promises or a government check.