Tillis, NCGOP caught meddling in Davidson County GOP business?





Some Davidson County GOP leaders are telling me they see the hand of Speaker Thom Tillis and Raleigh-based GOP operatives involved in the process to fill an open state House seat — and they don’t like it.

State Rep. Jerry Dockham (R-Davidson) was appointed to the NC Utilities Commission by Gov. Pat McCrory. Dockham, in order to accept the appointment, had to resign his House seat.  That left Davidson County GOP leaders with the task of selecting a replacement to fill out the remainder of Dockham’s House term.  Here’s where the “fun” begins: 

Some of Davidson County’s most prominent Republicans are renouncing controversial decisions that helped trust analyst Roger Younts claim the seat to House District 80. They want the governor, who must still sign off on the decision, to take a thorough look at what some called a “flawed” process.

Younts, 30, of the Holly Grove area, was appointed Thursday to replace Dockham by a 3-2 vote by select members of the Davidson County Republican Party Executive Committee. […]

Younts, the Republican Party’s treasurer, legally cast one of the three affirmative votes that helped him win the seat, an action some of his own party members and elected officials called unethical.

Party members became “outraged” when they learned Younts and two others also voted not to let eligible voter and North Carolina Republican Party Hall of Fame member Dwight Story participate in the process. Story, who is most known for hosting candidate forums at Piedmont Crossing in Thomasville, was not able to attend Thursday night’s vote because he was on a trip in Wytheville, Va., but he was scheduled to vote via telephone.

Only the six members of the county’s 15-member executive committee who live in House District 80 were permitted to vote, pursuant to state election law.

David Rickard, Davidson County’s register of deeds and a former Republican Party chairman, said the procedure was not handled property by the NCGOP, which sent two members to Lexington to oversee the voting process.

“They came here under the pretense of making sure everyone got heard, and I’m certain that did not happen,” Rickard said.

Younts, along with party members Michael Byrd and Gary Craver, voted not to allow Story to vote over the phone. Byrd and Craver also cast the other affirmative votes that helped appoint Younts.

Party members Kenny Meredith and Alan Truluck were on the other end of the votes, casting ballots to let Story vote via telephone and appoint veteran Davidson County Commissioner Sam Watford to the House position.

Davidson County Republican Party Chairman Lance Barrett said NCGOP Political Director Kim Canady told him prior to the meeting that she had polled the eligible voters, who were agreeable with the idea of letting Story vote via telephone. In addition, Barrett and Meredith said they both spoke with Younts the day before the meeting, and he said he was OK with Story voting over the phone.

On Friday, Younts said that wasn’t the case, telling The Dispatch that he did speak to Barrett a day before the vote, but did not “indicate either way” whether he would be in favor of Story voting via telephone.

“I just don’t understand how he can deny that he told both of us, as recently as Wednesday, that he was perfectly fine with Dwight voting by telephone,” Barrett said.

Neither Byrd nor Craver could be reached for comment Friday.

The process disgruntled a majority of the dozens of Republicans in attendance at the voting process Thursday. Party members argued with NCGOP staff, some recommended a formal challenge, and nearly everyone voted for a resolution that stated the party did not condone the vote.

“It was very much a sad evening,” said former Davidson County commissioner and party member Larry Allen. “I feel like we disenfranchised a voting member of the executive committee.”

Story could not be reached for comment Friday.

If approved by the governor, Younts would serve the remainder of Dockham’s term, which expires in 2014.

So, let’s review.  At first, everyone is OK with letting this Story fellow vote over the phone — because he was out of town.  Then, it gets decided, with the help of NCGOP, that it’s NOT OK and that the meeting CAN’T be postponed.  (Perhaps someone found out that Story wasn’t going to vote for Raleigh’s choice to fill the seat.) MORE: 


Younts had indicated all along that he intended to vote for himself, saying there were no general statutes or guidelines in the NCGOP’s Plan of Organization that prevented him from doing so.


Fred McClure, a Republican and chairman of the Davidson County Board of Commissioners, said there are certain things that are legal but not ethical.

“It’s not for me to decide what Mr. Younts should do or shouldn’t do, but to me it’s not ethical in that situation to vote for yourself,” McClure said. “When you’re in a situation where your vote can obviously sway the whole situation, the ethical thing would be to recuse himself and let the thing play out.”

Vote was almost postponed

Republican Party leaders tried to postpone the vote until later this month to ensure all voting members could be present, but the NCGOP overruled, according to emails.

Barrett sent an email to executive party members July 9, informing them that the meeting would be rescheduled to July 23.

“Due to only six people being eligible to vote, holding a vote as important as this with only five wouldn’t be a fair thing to do,” Barrett said in the email. “We need all six there for the vote.”

However, a day later, Canady sent an email to the executive committee, saying the meeting would go on as scheduled.

She said under the NCGOP Plan of Organization, the state party is responsible for calling the meeting and had not authorized any cancellation.

“Although we had received a request to postpone the meeting due to the potential absence of one voting member, after consulting with all of the voting members of the committee, the state party has determined that the majority of the members of the committee do not desire a postponement of the meeting,” Canady said in the email.

Canady also said that a motion would be allowed to let Story vote via telephone; however, it would require a majority vote to pass.

“Because a vote of the committee is required, we cannot guarantee in advance that any member of the committee who does not appear in person will be allowed to vote,” Canady said in the email.

The NCGOP routinely handles administrative support in meetings where new state representatives are being selected, said Mike Rusher, the NCGOP’s chief of staff. Rusher said staff are charged to follow N.C. General Statute 163-11 and the party’s plan of organization.


How does Thom  Tillis fit into all of this?   This meeting, held July 11, was for the purpose of filling a vacant state House seat.  Thom Tillis presides over that chamber.  Davidson GOP officials tell me that Kim Canady — the NCGOP political director who was a central figure in this affair — is slated to start in a paid position  with Tillis’s Senate campaign on July 20.  

25 thoughts on “Tillis, NCGOP caught meddling in Davidson County GOP business?

  1. I was told by a reporter that he noticed two guys from a consulting company called Red Dome at the meeting. It turns out one of them wrote a letter expressing support for Roger. After the meeting I am told they ran up and hugged Kim Canady’s neck as to congratulate her for her accomplishment. She refused to delay the meeting at the County chair’s request and was the ramrod for this most unethical vote. She also told them she had polled all committee members and the majority had OK the go ahead. When one of the five committee members called her out on this she said well I left you a message…

    1. Yes, this has the stench of the Tillis Machine all over it. He is assuming that no matter how many people he infuriates, big money will buy him the Sentate seat. The problem is, with so many low information voters, he is probably right.

  2. As always there are two sides to every story; however I. This case only one of the sides is being told. I will not venture to call those speaking against Younts liars, but they’re conveniently leaving out a great deal of facts.

    Most who live here understand exactly what happen. The establishments preferred candidate lost to a hardworking, new up and coming, Republican leader. Unfimilar with being defeated, the establishment reacted with outrage. Harsh language, demeaning comments, and pure unprofessionalism is how most would describe they actions following the vote.

    Needless to say, the actions of the opposition are doing more harm than good for the party. Younts has a lot to offer. I can”t speak for all the Independents, Libertarians, and Constitutionalist but Younts is a welcomed surprise. I have been waiting for a representative to entice me to joint he Republican Party…finally one did. Because of Younts I am now proud to call myself a Republican.

    1. When you speak of establishment, you cannot get more establishment than Tillis or the NCGOP bureaucracy. In this case, it may be that the local leadership was not in turn with the Raleigh establishment, and in that case, I would always go with the local leadership.

      Kim Canady also played a role in a Raleigh power play regarding a seat on the Beaufort County Board of Elections that reeks of dirty politics. From the story in the Beaufort Observer, it appears that it is still under investigation whether she was a bit player or had a bigger role. Like the Davidson situation, the Raleigh crowd totally screwed the local party. And Claude Pope had the audacity tp rim pm the theme of having counties ”own their own sandbox”?

  3. Unfortunately Rogers’s political career will be over before it starts. This is NOT the way to win a seat in the state house. Why don’t you fill us in on some of those little known facts.

    1. Register of Deeds RINO Rickard the good people of Davidson County can only hope and pray your political career ends soon! It would be so sad for you to have to get a real job and have to quit feeding at the government trough and living off the taxpayers dollars. Be a real man and quit whining and crying because you didn’t get your way!

    2. As David Rickard suggested, please share your unethical procedures orchestrated by Kim Canady. She was in a rush to cram in the vote before she left on July 20 to work for Tom Tillis. What a reward for the puppet. What will she do next?

  4. Wow…was at this meeting and none of this was what I saw. I saw Lance Barrett show his behind and rant and rave because his chosen candidate, liberal County Commissioner Sam Watford didn’t win. I saw the Davidson County GOP Secretary dropping f-bombs on everyone that wouldn’t let her have her way. I saw former County Commissioner Larry Allen yelling and screaming like a madman because he didn’t get his way. This where the people that were trying to rig the system and postpone the vote so they could get a liberal establishment RINO elected to replace the great Rep. Jerry Dockham. Rep. Younts was the people’s choice and they couldn’t handle it.

    And they say Tillis was behind this now…that’s really funny! Thursday night in his fight of rage Barrett said Speaker Tillis was watching this vote and as soon as he heard about this he would have a fit. Now, Barrett and his insider cronies are changing their story and saying Tillis orchestraed? Geez, talking about any old lie will do? Barrett is an embarrassment and should resign as Chair and should take Secretary F-bomb with him!

  5. Well first let me apologize for any typo”s. I am operating from my iPhone and Lord knows the complexity that indicates.

    Seeing as how this is a state position. I would say both local and state establishment are of equal concern. I find it hard to believe that Thom had anything to do with this.

    Mr. Rickard, I respect you a lot and we are both aware of the details I spoke about. I think it inappropriate to talk about it now that it is over. I hope we can all move on and concentrate on making Davidson County and North Carolina a better place to live.

    Let the party speak at the ballot. If things are as you say then Mr. Watford will have no problem raising money and winning.

  6. ‘Tillis, NCGOP caught meddling?’ You know not! Sorry, I truly do sympathize. We’ve just been dealing with this so long in the east that some of us just get giddy. The more I talk with people in other parts of the state, it seems we all ‘pert near’ have the same experiences. I hope things can be sorted out in Davidson County.

    This episode in Davidson County might shine some light on the latest Beaufort County situation. I think they are trying to narrow their suspect list of NCGOP folks who changed the order of the names sent from the Beaufort County GOP for election board appointments. Last I heard, the NCGOP folks have amnesia as well as a bad case of unaccountability. Didn’t Shakespeare say Denmark? He meant North Carolina.

  7. Mr. Rickard, I respect you a great deal for the efforts you put forth in this count; however, we simple disagree on this issue. You know the serials as well as I do and are well aware of all that transpired. If you can sy that the entire story is being represented by this article and others like it then feel fee to do so. I am not so morally bankrupt as to be able to so so.

  8. At least I am man enough to post under my real name Rex. My problem is not with any of the candidates, it’s with the process. If they went back & let Mr. Story vote I would not worry about who won as long as it was done correctly. I will admit when I am wrong, I just don’t happen to think I am this time. Jason, we will agree to disagree this time around. Rex…If you think I am a RHINO please feel free to compare my budget with any county of similar size you choose. Look at the number of staff as well.

    1. Mr. Rickard, I choose to post under my own name as well. I am curious as to how you knew that was Rex, but that is not the point of my commenting.

      First of all, Mr Rickard does an actual job and therefore is not feeding off the government trough as you state. He puts in long hours and therefore even of you do not like HoW he does his job, you cannot accuse him of feeding. You could beat him at the polls if you want but that won’t happen either as I believe the people of Davidson County have been extremely clear in how they approve of how our register of deeds does his job.

      My real point is that this is not about mr Rickard. This is about how everything went down last Thursday. I was at the meeting as well and it was not as you described. Also whoever you are, YOU have not been privy to the countless emails between Ms Canady and the executive committee. You truly have NO iDeA what you are talking about and sadly neither do you Jason. You know what you have been told by mr Younts but that Are truly not the way things happened. all the little details you think you know, they are ALL going to be fabrications or exaggerations coming from the Younts people.

      To the responders from other counties. Wow, for those of us who actually know what all the NCGOP have done in the last month here in DC, boy do we have way more in common then you can imagine.

  9. MR. Marshall ( Rex)

    You are full of bull crap ! Why are you being dishonest.

    You never heard me yelling or screaming. You saw me discussing and taking the legal Rep. to task for the unethical procedures of the meeting.

    If the people were for Roger, why did a motion pass by the Republican Party 41 – 1 to not sanction the unethical actions of those three. You were the only one that voted no. Even Rogers parents did not vote against it!

    Stick to the truth and facts! Do not sit behind a computer to spread dishonesty!

    Have a great Night Rex!

    1. Larry Allen:

      I have no such posts, and ANY further insulation of such will be dealt with through my attorney in a court of law for defamation! That warning applies to anywhere such false statements have been made, in any form!

  10. One last thing, you would never have a case for defamation, just so you know. For one, you would have to prove that John Marshall is not actually you. Now, if you could find “John Marshall” (Because the “John Marshall” posts said that he was at the GOP meeting Thursday night) and have him come forward as the one making these comments….Then you would have something. Most likely, an attorney would laugh this off and not waste his/her time. It seems to me that the people who should be complaining about defamation would be Mr. Rickard, Mr. Allen, Secretary Ineta Cherry, and Chairman Lance Barrett. They are the ones who are being lied about and portrayed as fools in an unjust manner by “John Marshall”. Finally, are you seriously threatening to file a lawsuit for defamation against a popular Republican former Davidson County, NC commissioner and an extremely popular Republican Register of Deeds in a Republican-led county? Sorry Rex, the odds would definitely be stacked against you. Of course, I’m just giving my opinion as an impartial observer.

    1. Jamal,

      I believe you are mistaken about the law concerning burden of proof. I do not have have the real author admit to anything. It is quite easy in this age of internet tracking, to determine who made the post.

      Also, you are far from impartial. Your actions here and on Facebook indicate quite the opposite. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t you start an online petition to the governor concerning the vote? If true, I would hardly call that impartial!

  11. Let’s get back to some of those facts for a minute. One of the founders of Red Dome put Mr Younts in contact with Ms. Canady early in the process. Mr. Yates of RedDome sent a letter of endorsement and signed it as former chief of staff for Congresswoman Fox. I believe this is something the good Congresswoman should be made aware of since it is usually not allowed. Again this is an ethical issue. Just for the record, I have never said Tillis had anything to do with this, I don’t know if he did or not. He does need to know about the actions of one of his future staff members and investigate.

    1. Maybe counties directly impacted by Ms. Canady like Davidson and Beaufort should formally complain to Tillis about her.

  12. Tillis knew about the problems with our appointment process and went ahead with the appointment. I can only conclude that he was in on this. Put me down for anybody but Tillis in the US Senate race. We have enough crooks in DC.

  13. This whole thing stinks. I’m very close to changing my party. If being in the public eye is more important than doing good for the public you can have the GOP.

    1. I understand. But if you leave, you leave those who remain to fight the Tillises of this Party that much weaker. The very fact that you’re become aware of these matters is because others have chosen to fight rather than lockstep into their corrupt version of “unity”. Start with your county party. If they look like “them”, work to replace the leadership. If they don’t, don’t leave them unsupported while they fight it out at the District, State, and even National level.

  14. We have a smoking gun voicemail that proves the ncgop deceived Mr. Story and fixed the “election”. These paid political hacks need to stay out of local party business.

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