‘Them confounded Tea Partiers CAN’T be satisfied!’

teaTHAT is the spin being circulated by the establishment in the wake of John Boehner’s resignation from Congress.  *These people are just unreasonable.  They can’t be pleased!*

Oh, yeah?  Well, here’s a unique idea.  Try actually DOING what you promised on the campaign trail when you get into office / power.  I know Washington is a little different.  But MOST people in the real world don’t appreciate being lied to.  Especially when those lies threaten our economic livelihood and national security. 

Since 1980 abig spendernd the success of Ronald Reagan, the GOP has been all about shrinking and starving the government.  Here in 2015, we find our fearless GOP leaders quaking in their boots about a potential government shutdown that REALLY ISN’T a government shutdown.

We don’t want a “replacement” for ObamaCare. We want the government to loosen its death-grip on what has been the world’s greatest health care delivery system.  It would blow your mind to know how much the cost of health care delivery is inflated simply by all of these federal government mandates.  At one point in this country, we actually had doctors making house calls.  

biggovtWe want our borders secured.  Human and drug traffickers are running amok across our national borders. Are you really a nation if you can’t control the flow of traffic across your national borders?  (See Somalia, Afghanistan, etc.)

Now is not the time to worry about sensitivity and feelings and diversity and all of that.  Allowing wave after wave of semi-literate poverty-stricken migrants from Third World socialist dictatorships to come into our country and land softly in our social safety net doesn’t do a bit of good for our country, economy, or future.  We’ve got laws and procedures on the books.  Secure the borders and enforce the laws. 

Most of all we want to be left alone.  If your idea / program / bill puts more people on the government payroll, causes more work for me, makes things cost me more, I want you to stop it.  Stop it. Cut it. Kill it. 

Your job  — as our leaders — is simple.  Build our roads. Ensure the free flow of commerce across county, city, and state lines. Protect us and our property from others who want to cause us or it harm.  Manage our national finances the same way you expect us to manage those of our households. Secure our borders from foreign threats.  We want to be left alone so we can reap the fruits of our labor and raise our families in the manner we wish. 

THAT is how you please us.