#nc-02: Leftist heads explode over Kay Daly ad

Kay Daly has just jumped in to the Second District GOP congressional primary, but she’s already got her potential general election foes in a tizzy.  Take this tweet from Mother Jones’s DC editor:


Corn’s magazine wrote up an article on Daly’s campaign ad under this headline:  “Behold the Craziest Ad of the 2016 Elections—So Far”:

Ah, fall. When the leaves turn, decorative gourds grace supermarket shelves, and fringe candidates film themselves firing shotguns at things they don’t like. 

When Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-N.C.) defeated an incumbent Democrat five years ago by accusing him of supporting a 9/11 “victory mosque” in Lower Manhattan, she probably didn’t expect to find herself in the crosshairs of tea party activists anytime soon.[…] 

In 2016, she faces stiffer competition. Her top primary challenger, a former county GOP chair named Jim Duncan, is neck and neck with her in fundraising. kayAnd another challenger, former North Carolina GOP spokeswoman Kay Daly, just aired an ad in which she blows Ellmers away with a shotgun. Metaphorically, of course.

The Huffington Post also jumped into the fray: 

[…] Ellmers has come a long way since winning her congressional seat on a wave of tea party momentum in 2010. During that campaign, she drew criticism for an ad that blasted her Democratic opponent for not vocally opposing the construction of an Islamic community center near Ground Zero in New York City. The ad referred to the project as a “victory mosque” and included a clip of Ellmers suggesting that Americans tell “the terrorists” that “there will never be a mosque at Ground Zero.”

Now she’s the one facing absurd attacks.[…] 

Gee.  We’ve got two of the premiere liberal publications in America standing up for our GOP congresswoman.  *Kinda gives you a warm feeling inside, doesn’t it?*