The Sock Puppet Speaks: GOP legislators’ ideas ‘laughable’ and ‘dangerous’

sock puppet

US Senator Kay Hagan (D) — our junior senator affectionately referred to in many parts as NY Senator Chuck U. Schumer’s (D) sock puppet — was throwing around some harsh criticism of GOP legislators in Raleigh who are trying to fix the mess she helped make while serving in the state Senate.

“Laughable,”  “bizarre” and “dangerous” seem like adjectives more appropriate for describing what Ol’ Kay, Harry Reid and Schumer have been doing in DC.   Hagan has gone along with THOSE folks in saddling us with ObamaCare — a nightmarish piece of legislation that even retiring Budget Committee chairman Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana) calls “a train wreck coming.”  If you’ve dared to try to speak with ol’ Kay and her staff about the horrors of ObamaCare during these past five years, you were likely subjected to a few sneers and derisive eye rolls.  Hagan has voted with Chuck and Harry and their friends to jack up the debt ceiling and raise income tax rates.  She’s conspired with that crowd to kill voter ID legislation and water down our Second Amendment rights.

“Laughable.” “Bizarre.” “Dangerous.’‘  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Kay Hagan got to Washington thanks to the incompetence of Elizabeth Dole’s reelection campaign and a lot of cash from Big Barry and Schumer.  She’s thumbed her nose at right-thinking, hard-working North Carolinians for five years now.  Now that her stay in Washington is winding down, Kay’s friends in the media are spinning hard to paint her as a moderate.   Putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a pig.  A few moderate votes here at reelection time don’t make up for her first five years of destructive votes that have crippled our economy and endangered the future of our country.