NCGA Insiders: We ALL got Gambling $$$$$, bosses said it was OK





McClatchy and the rest of the nearly-extinct legacy media are trying SO hard to paint this whole “scandal” regarding campaign donations to state legislators from an indicted Oklahoma businessman as a REPUBLICAN THING.  (Lotsa Dems got some of that gambling money, as well.)   I talked with some NCGA insiders who told me that legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle and sources close to those leaders provided cover for accepting the contributions:

“There are people close to the leadership in each chamber who vet these things, who check out the sources of this money.  We were all told it was OK to accept this money. We were told: “It was NO BIG DEAL.  EVERYBODY got money.”

My sources tell me that many legislators feel like they’ve been thrown under the bus by their respective leaders.  Most legislators are reluctant to give money BACK to someone who has been criminally indicted.  I am told that campaign finance laws make it exceptionally challenging to dump the tainted money off to a charity.  So, many pols are stuck with the money AND the embarrassing publicity.



3 thoughts on “NCGA Insiders: We ALL got Gambling $$$$$, bosses said it was OK

  1. Everybody got money except McClatchy. That’s why McClatchy is mad. Those quarterly earnings can sometimes be depressing.

  2. If the money was accurately reported and in a timely fashion, what’s the problem? Disclosure and transparency are the hoals, aren’t they?

  3. All the billions of dollars the US has given to groups, like The Muslim Brotherhood, doesn’t seem to keep them from wanting to blow us up. They,quite frankly, use our own money against us. I have no problem letting Mr Burns, and those like him, fund his opposition. Follow the cash and the votes. Mr Burns gave 4000 dollars to Senator Tillman to vote against him. Burns should probably figure out who he can and can’t buy before he starts writing checks.

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