The latest odds on GOP Senate takeover, Hagan re-elect

voteThe Washington Post is giving the GOP a 95 percent chance of controlling the US Senate and a 99 percent chance of holding the House after this Tuesday’s vote.  The Post’s prognosticators give Kay Hagan a 77 percent chance of winning re-election.

Meanwhile, The New York Times is giving the GOP a 70 percent chance of winning a US Senate majority.  The Times’s prognosticators give Hagan a 65 percent chance of being re-elected.

Early voting ends tomorrow in North Carolina.  Election Day is Tuesday.


9 thoughts on “The latest odds on GOP Senate takeover, Hagan re-elect

  1. That should make all you looney toons who post Tillis demise very happy.Brannon or Rhodes would be down so far by now they would not even be a threat.At least Tillis has a chance.

    1. Ridiculous, Greg Brannon would be ahead of Hagan by far by actually running a conservative based campaign. I say this a supporter of his in the Primary, but a supporter of Tillis in this general election.

      Tillis’s other failure was to define Hagan (rightfully) as a tool of the FAR LEFT in every ISSUE.

      He fails on two counts and may still (but less likely) pull it out.

      1. Brannon really wowed them in the primary didn’t he.The dems would have him look like a blithering idiot by now with no money to counter attack.His primary campaign was so amateurish it was a joke.When you run a statewide campaign and win one come back and we will talk.Just another armchair quarterback.

  2. This is the best possible outcome. Gets rid of Harry Reid, but humiliates Tillis, his consultants, and the NCGOP. Maybe they’ll learn a lesson, but I doubt it.

  3. This is a cycle where the GOP looks set to win even in states that are much more liberal than NC. It looks like Tillis could go down as this cycles weakest GOP candidate.

  4. I am so relieved to see that the rest of NC is realizing what some of us have known all along – Kay Hagan is liberal, but Thom Tillis is infinitely more dangerous. All of the qualities that could have made him a great conservative leader have been used instead to turn him into a power-hungry potentate. This man must be stopped now. Once he is elected to the US Senate, good luck controlling him.

    1. This was what ultimately fixed my decision NOT to vote for Tillis. If he didn’t feel like he needed to listen to constituents in his own district, or to party delegates, then WHO does he listen to? What friends would he make in DC?

  5. The Tillis fiasco can be blamed primarily on two people—Karl Rove and Pat McCrory. Don’t blame the average NC Republican voter or the NC legislature.

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