Give me liberty, or give me birth control pills !!! #SMH

The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision offered a fantastic opportunity for the GOP to deliver a lesson to the American people about religious liberty and the overreach of government.

Declining to provide a government subsidy is NOT the same as DENYING ACCESS to something.  (There are PLENTY of things readily available for purchase at  a relatively reasonable price clapthat don’t require a government mandate or subsidy.) Health insurance is nowhere to be found in the Bill of Rights.  Health insurance is an option for employers to help them make their businesses and jobs a little more attractive to potential employees. Government mandates jack up the cost of doing business.  Telling businesses they HAVE to pay for X,Y and Z takes money out of their pockets that could go toward expanding their businesses or hiring new employees.

The national GOP surrendered on fighting ObamaCare — which is a major player in the ongoing asphyxiation of our national economy. Congressional Republicans keep going along with Democrats on increasing the amount of federal debt.  Our position as a world economic and military power is diminishing.

But, apparently, some genius within GOP HQ has found a subject they think will flatten the Democrats this year:  birth control.  Republican candidates all over the country are talking about what a great idea it would be to have birth control offered over the counter.  Thom Tillis has even made it a major plank in his campaign platform.  Here’s Renee Ellmers joining in on the birth control fun:


Defunding Obamacare WAS “the dumbest idea” ever, but — apparently — THIS is *pure genius*. #SMH