ONE MORE thing to tick you off about ObamaCare

obama-fingerThe Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal has published an explosive revelation about the legislative nightmare that is destroying what has been — for years — the best health care delivery system in the world:

Eleven of the 33 companies entrusted with making the Obamacare website work are billing taxpayers more than anticipated in their contracts. Three of the 33 stand to rake  in more than $200 million each, and are among six companies snagging the bulk of the contract dollars.

Taxpayers will shell out $1.7 billion to build and operate, the federal government’s online insurance exchange created under the Affordable Care Act, according to projections last month from a watchdog agency overseeing the Department of Health and Human Services.

The inspector general’s report evaluated the status of work through February, and congressional investigators expect the amount spent could top the initial value of more contracts.[…]

That’s $1.7 BILLION for a dadgum website !!!! And SIX COMPANIES will snare $1.2 BILLION of the total $1.7 BILLION !!!  One of those “lucky” six is CGI Federal, which oversaw the initial construction of the web site and got fired in the wake of its disastrous roll-out.



2 thoughts on “ONE MORE thing to tick you off about ObamaCare

  1. And what has the Oversight Committee accomplished under Issa…nothing. Nobody is held accountable for any of the scandals.

    Do GOP candidates educate the public about this…No
    Does Sen. Burr or any members of Congress hold open town halls to hear from the public?

    What does the media cover? NFL PC issues such as the Redskins, climate change nonsense, minimum wage wars.

    The low information voters will go to he polls and vote D because that is what the media and pop culture tell them to do while the cowering GOP does nothing to educate the public.

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