The bridges are falling! The bridges are falling!


Barry-O is flitting around the country spinning a yarn about how EXACTLY 153 bridges will fall if Congress doesn’t approve his “American Jobs Act” – which actually hits struggling American taxpayers with 14 new or higher taxes:

There are fourteen new or higher taxes in President Obama’s “Stimulus 2.0” plan he wants Congress to pass. Permanent tax hikes for new spending.

President Obama has asked Congress to pass his “American Jobs Act,” a bill which is a series of permanent tax increases funding temporary tax relief and new spending programs.  The overall act is a net tax increase (score pending).  All tax hikes are scheduled to take effect in 2013.

(Hey Barry:  If this stuff is SO good for us, why not implement those tax hikes NOW — before we vote on your reelection in November 2012? )

In a speech in Raleigh last week, Barry-O offered up a hint of the dire consequences we face if his second stimulus deal does not pass the Congress:

There are 153 structurally deficient bridges that need to be repaired.  Four of them are near here on or around the Beltline.  Why would we wait to act until another bridge falls? (applause)

Of course El Rushbo, the chairman and CEO of the EIB Network, was there to preach the gospel, ask the hard questions, and stand up for all of us:

When did the last one fall?  What was the first stimulus for?  What was the first trillion dollars for to fix all these bridges, 153 structurally deficient bridges.  He’s admitting that during his reign, he hasn’t done anything about any of these deficient bridges.  You’ve got this little bill he’s waving around.  He hasn’t filed a bill.  There is no jobs bill of Obama’s that has been filed in Congress.  Louie Gohmert filed his own two-page job bill, and it’s called the American Jobs Act.  They stole little Barry’s title, stole his name, stole the name of his bill.  Little Barry’s out there waving this thing around as though there are millions of jobs in that 155-page thing he’s waving around.  And Gallup, I just saw this, Gallup’s got a poll result apparently out there that a majority of Americans want the jobs bill passed.  Sorry, majority of Americans, it isn’t gonna be passed. There’s no intention for this thing to pass in all or in part, there’s no way.

How many Democrat senators are up for reelection in 2012?  That’s the main reason it’s not gonna be passed.  Well, it’s over with 20.  There are a lot of Democrat senators up for reelection in 2012.  There’s no way this jobs bill is even gonna get a vote in the Senate.  There’s no way Dingy Harry is gonna subject his people, not after what happened in New York 9, not after what happened in New Jersey and what happened in Virginia and Scott Brown’s election in Massachusetts.

Rev. Rush concludes his sermon with an incredible, two-handed, over the head, reverse slam dunk in Barry-O’s face:

RUSH: So what we have here: Here we have a guy who said that we’re gonna get rid of politics as usual, gonna be unified — all of the utopian stuff. And what do we get? Nothing but a continuing of the usual politics of fear, crisis, and panic. So now Obama says there are 153 bridges out there on the verge of collapse. Once again, grab audio sound bite number seven. Listen to this one more time, folks.

OBAMA: There are 153 structurally deficient bridges that need to be repaired. Four of them are near here on or around the Beltline. Why would we wait to act until another bridge falls? (applause)

RUSH: People are cheering this! Why would we have to wait for another bridge to fall? The question is: Why didn’t you fix these bridges with the first trillion dollars that you spent? But more importantly than that — more importantly than that — if there are bridges about to fall down, shouldn’t the Secretary of Transportation shut them down? If there are 153 bridges…? Did he say here on the verge of collapse? No. Hundred fifty-three “structurally deficient bridges” need to be repaired. Where? We need to be told where these 153 bridges are, because if he doesn’t tell us, then the regime — Obama — is holding drivers hostage. He’s letting us drive over 153 bridges that could apparently fail and people could plummet to their deaths at any moment.

Name the bridges! You remember how they demanded specifics from Bush and Tom Ridge on terror threats ’cause they accused those two guys of politicizing terror threats? Well, here. The Bamster says he knows of 153 bridges that could fall down at any moment, and four of them are “near the Beltline in North Carolina,” four of them. name ’em so that people can avoid them. It is his job to shut them down, not hold their repairs hostage to passing his little tax bill. Do you understand? If he’s serious, 153 bridges are structurally deficient, and rather than fix ’em, he’s holding the repair hostage and endangering the lives of people that drive on these bridges just so he can get his nonexistent bill passed?

(Yeah.  What Rush said … )