Barry-O and Little Joe invade Carolina …


What’s next — plague, locusts?

North Carolina has been hit with more of its fair share of misfortune lately.  Not just a hurricane and an earthquake.   This week we got back to back visits from Barry-O and his sidekick “Little Joe.”  Why us?  What did we do, God?

These two characters from DC played it safe — spending time in front of college kids, touring a plant run by a Democrat elected official, and hanging out at a Raleigh fundraiser that I’m sure included a whole lotta Chapel Hill-Carrboro types.

I’ll have to say — it was some “GREAT” advance work to have Barry-O tout his “Getting America Back to Work” agenda by touring a company which has recently expanded into Costa Rica. (That’s NOT one of the 57 states, Barry.)

College kids are always a safe bet for Obama.  They are living off their parents, or government loans.  They aren’t having to get up every day and go try to make a living. Their biggest worries are that biology quiz, getting a bid to join THAT sorority, or hooking up with THAT girl at this weekend’s frat party.

The honeymoon — that lovey-dovey fanatical feeling — will wear off once they get their diplomas, get booted from their dorms and parents’ homes, and get told to go find a way to make a living in this economic mess their hero made.

Oh, and this jobs bill …

I read the breakdown in the N&O about how it will affect North Carolina.  It is THE STIMULUS all over again.  It funds a bunch of government jobs for a few years.  After the money runs out in a few years, local and state officials will be dealing with the same dilemmas they have now:  laying people off to balance budgets.

We fell for this stimulus garbage once.  It did us NO good.  Like Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, we hopefully “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”