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Endorsements 2012: (*SIGH*) And now, a little indifference. (*YAWN*)

Some folks will accuse us of being blind followers of the GOP this election season.  I am hoping this particular installment of our endorsement series will put that to rest. Congress:  Here in Moore County, the 2nd, 4th, 7th and 8th districts all either encompass…

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Corruption, dishonesty are bi-partisan ailments

  I heard through the grapevine that John Hood thinks I don’t like him very much.  (For the record, all I know of him is what I read in his columns and what I hear him saying on NC Spin.) It’s not personal with Mr….

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NCGOP vice chair King: “Goldman? Malone? I see nothing! I know nothing!”

What’s been bouncing around the political gossip network for a few years has FINALLY made it to the pages of The N&O.   The NCGOP establishment bent over backwards to force the highly-dubious Debra Goldman on the electorate.  Never mind all the stories about an alleged…

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NCGOP’s heavy hand comes down hard in auditor primary

              The mental giants in NCGOP leadership are forcing yet another one of their cronies on us: Greg Dority, who came in second in this month’s GOP primary for state auditor, announced Thursday that he would not seek a…