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#ncga: House GOP aiding-and-abetting Dem vote-by-mail scheme

      This will be one more example state Republicans can reflect on when they find themselves in the General Assembly’s minority after November.  Democrats and all kinds of liberal special interests have been hollering for more voting-by-mail, and it appears House Republicans are…

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Cooper admin sends sick inmates to clean state offices

    We told you earlier about Roy Cooper’s burgeoning reputation as the ‘mismanagement’ governor.  Here’s one more doozy to add to the ever-expanding list of supporting evidence  demonstrating the appropriateness of that nickname:   On March 25, North Carolina officials announced that they were…

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Forest sees potential monkey business in state elections board request

    Lt.  Gov Dan Forest sounded the alarm today.  And the way he tells it, things don’t sound good:   “Tomorrow, the Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections will ask the Rules Review Commission for unprecedented power to alter election rules to their benefit. If approved, these measures would let…

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Even DC can see Jones Street’s leftward drift

      We’ve had Republican majorities in the General Assembly since 2010.   However,  we should keep reminding ourselves that the terms “Republican” and “conservative” are becoming more and more mutually exclusive.     The DC-based American Conservative Union (ACU) — always a dependable…

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Lockdown blowback?

    The folks on the left side of the aisle love to think they are smarter than us — that they know what’s best for us.  Roy Cooper and his team have put the state’s economy in a stranglehold since March — all in…

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The ‘mismanagement’ governor

    Folks (like me) who pay close attention to politics should be noticing a developing pattern that could prove quite useful to North Carolina Republicans in November — IF they can extract their heads from the sand in time.   Roy Cooper, despite what…

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NCGOP state convention pushed to July

      So sayeth the party’s big boss in Raleigh:  

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ReOpen NC gains a powerful new ally

        Raleigh-based CaptiveAire CEO Bob Luddy is not mincing words in his open letter to Governor Roy Cooper: An urgent appeal to North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper:   For every COVID-19 case in North Carolina (4,500 estimated), 125 people have lost their…

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Lawsuit demands North Carolina clean up its voter registration lists

    Judicial Watch,  which rose to fame as a thorn in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sides, has gone to court to force Roy Cooper and Josh Stein to do their jobs:   Judicial Watch announced today that it filed a lawsuit against North Carolina…

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Meadows already making waves in his new job

      Mark Meadows has apparently exported the hard-nosed style that made him famous (or infamous) on Capitol Hill down the street to his new digs at 1600 Penn:   President Donald Trump’s new chief of staff, Mark Meadows, has escalated tensions in the…